Nanue Adventure K4L v2 35L Hiking Camera Pack

If you like to backpack, and you like to take photographs, and sometimes you like to do both at the same time, then this is the pack for you. The Nanue Adventure K4L v2 35L Hiking Camera Pack, at just $279.95, is an amazing backpack for hiking that has a special camera pod that can be used on its own.We’ve looked at many camera backpacks over the past few years, and this has got to be the most complex and functional pack we have seen. It is, in fact, so complex that it took me quite some time to discover all of the many features. In fact, I am not completely convinced that it doesn’t still have a few surprises waiting for me! And while the MSRP is just under $280, it is just $242 [Affiliate Link] here in our Amazon Store.

Adventure K4L v2 35L Hiking Camera Pack

This is a big backpack, and when I say big I mean BIG. It has a 35 liter capacity, and it weighs 5.3 ponds when the camera pod is inside. The exterior dimensions are 21.5″ by 14″ by 10″. Made entirely from a number of nylon materials, the backpack has a laptop compartment that can handle up to a sizable 17″ computer. In this review we will cover each of the two main functions of the Nanue Adventure K4L v2 35L Hiking Camera Pack individually before looking at the complete pack.

Adventure K4L v2 35L Hiking Camera Pack

The Camera Pod

The camera pod isn’t going to win any design awards, but that’s not a bad thing or a criticism. A small camera bag with adjustable inserts, it is simple and straightforward, and it does a good job protecting your mirrorless camera or your DSLR body, a couple of lenses, and a few more accessories. The fact that the dividable sections are completely adjustable means you can quickly put together a package that is unique to your specific gear. A front organizational pocket opens to reveal slots for small objects such as pens, extra batteries, and the like.

Adventure K4L v2 35L Hiking Camera Pack

A pocket on either side is held closed with elastic, and the pockets themselves are gusseted so they can hold more than it might initially appear. A small zippered pocket at the top holds extra SD cards. The addition of a hide-away waist belt means the camera pod can stay within reach but allow you to go handsfree. The zipper keeping the pod closed is tough and should put up with a good bit of use and abuse. The top handle makes it easy to grab your gear and get moving, and a removable shoulder strap is included so the pod can be used on its own as a small camera bag. When using the camera pod on its own, you will want the strap. When using it as part of the backpack, it is simple to remove the shoulder strap and stow inside the camera pod itself. No, the camera pod isn’t fancy, but it does the job quite well and does so without calling too much attention to itself.

Adventure K4L v2 35L Hiking Camera Pack

The Backpack

As previously noted, this is a big backpack. It is a 35 liter capacity pack that, when full, is going to weigh quite a bit. Thankfully it is designed to distribute that weight quite nicely, and that should keep you comfortable all day long. There are plenty of different pockets and there is much to explore so let’s break the backpack down into its various components.

Adventure K4L v2 35L Hiking Camera Pack

There are two sizable pockets along the sides of the pack. There is one is on each side, and each is large enough to hold a bottle of water. One side opens to also reveal a slot for a 17″ laptop.

Adventure K4L v2 35L Hiking Camera Pack

The rear center of the pack opens to reveal a decent-sized storage pocket with a mesh divider inside.

Adventure K4L v2 35L Hiking Camera Pack

Above that is an open pocket that can be used to hold some gear. If you are carrying a tripod however, the bottom of this pocket opens and allows a tripod-holding pocket to fold out. When used with the strap sitting above the pocket, it will hold a monopod or tripod vertically. At the bottom of the rear portion of the pack is another zippered pocket that opens to reveal even more storage space. Of course it ships with a rain shield that will protect your gear if the skies open up.

Adventure K4L v2 35L Hiking Camera Pack

The main compartment of the pack opens fully to reveal abundant storage. At the back is an open pocket that can be used with a hydration system. This open space only runs half way down the pack. The upper and lower compartments are divided by material that can easily be unzipped. When this is done, you have complete access to the pack from the top.

Nanue Adventure K4L

When the spaces are divided however, the lower portion is perfectly sized to hold the camera pod. A waist strap can be tucked away when not in use. Each side of the strap has a small pocket for a smartphone, GPS, or other similarly sized device.

The company describes the Nanue Adventure K4L v2 35L Hiking Camera Pack this way:

Super lightweight and comfortable SLR backpack the K4L v2 35L is a versatile pack that functions as a photo/laptop backpack with an adequate space for a whole day trip. The K4Lv2 35L enables you to keep hiking while the pack is on the back and the removable camera pod is at the front waist should you need to snap a quick photo. The camera pod can be use separately with its own shoulder strap or pull out waist belt. It has two individual main compartments, the top section is for day gear and the bottom compartment is for a camera system. The camera compartment accommodates a PRO DSLR body with 24-70mm f/2.8 lens attached, plus 2-3 additional lenses and flash, spare batteries and other accessories. Intended for day hiking the K4L v2 provides excellent transport system to your gear and comfort even when fully loaded: it features an ergonomic shoulder strap and ventilated back support system. It’s the ideal true professional pack for the outdoor photographer.

This video of the Nanue Adventure K4L will help demonstrate how it all comes together.


  • Internal Hydration sleeve
  • Bottom access for camera pod
  • Ventilated back support
  • Pod has side stretch pockets
  • Hip belt pocket
  • Airline carryon compatible
  • Camera pod used separatley
  • Tripod carrying system
  • Top access for personal gear
  • Seam sealed rain cover for pack & pod
  • Fits 17
  • Front pockets


Both aspects of the pack have impressed me, but what impresses me even more is the ability to use the two as a single unit. The lower portion of the back pack unzips and comes forward to reveal a perfectly sized slot for the camera pack. Once the camera pack is put inside, it all closes up into a discrete unit that doesn’t scream, “I’m carrying tons of expensive camera gear please rob me!” In short I am really impressed with this bag and can see using it for CES 2015! I can’t wait to check out some of the other items Naneu offers. You can learn more here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Nanue Adventure K4L v2 35L Hiking Camera Pack

What I Like: Well-made; Two packs in one; Flexible; Nicely padded back and straps; Will keep your gear safe and keep your organized

What Needs Improvement: Not a thing… I’m totally impressed with this bag

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