FaceTime Needs FaceMail

My wife Sarah’s phone died a watery death this week. You might feel a slight sense of deja vu, and that’s because this already happened a few weeks ago. We’re having a rough month for phones in our house. As a result, we’ve been FaceTiming a fair amount while I am at work, and we’ve concluded FaceTime really needs voicemail.


See, I’m not always in front of my iPad at work, and Sarah’s busy chasing a toddler, so she’s not always in front of her iPad. As a result, we’ve played a combination of “missed FaceTime call” notifications and follow-up emails with subjects like “Not important-just needed to ask a quick question” so the other person didn’t freak at seeing a missed call and worry it was something important. It would be so much simpler if there was an option to record a quick 30 second message explaining the reason for the call!

FaceTime is fantastic for simple video chatting, and voicemail (FaceMail?) would really add a killer feature! Have you ever wished for a messaging option in FaceTime?

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