ResMed S+ Sleep System Promises to Monitor and Help You Sleep

As a person with sleep apnea, sleep is something that doesn’t always come easy for me. Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing wile you sleep.  It affects both how you sleep and a host of other issues. While the new  ResMed S+ sleep system can’t help with everything, it can help you fall asleep and monitor how you sleep.


ResMed has long made sleep related medical devices.  They make everything from CPAP systems to masks that are all designed to help you breath while you sleep at night. In order to get you setup with a CPAP, you must have a test with your doctor.  That doesn’t help you know if you are not sleeping well enough to think about getting checked.  Some people have sleep apnea and other sleep disorders and may not even know it.

The ResMed S+ Sleep System could at least give you some direction to determine if you need to see a sleep specialist or not. It does this by monitoring how you sleep and recording the results.  It does this without the need to wear a device of any kind.  It is, as ResMed says, contact-less.  The results can then be checked in the morning with your phone or tablet.  The app is only available on iOS at the moment with Android coming soon.

If that’s all it did, it would be pretty cool, but it also can help lull you to sleep.  It does this by synchronizing sound to your breathing patterns.  No idea if it would work with me, but I do have a problem going to sleep.  Some nights it’s all I can do to turn my brain off.  My sleep doctor prescribed Sonata for me, and while it does work, I don’t want to get too used to using it.  I’d love it if I could turn my brain off on my own, so it would be interesting to try something like this.

The ResMed S+ is now available on for $149.99. The iOS app is free.

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