Top Closure Zip Tie Bandages Could Save Lives!

I admit, I don’t know much about stitches. What I do know is that doing them right requires doing them carefully in a sterile environment, and in an emergency where someone needs stitches quickly you may not have either. However, an Israeli plastic surgeon may have fixed this by mixing band aids with a zip tie for Zip Tie Bandages!

Top Closure Zip Tie Bandages Could Save Lives!

Seriously, it looks like zip ties! But the idea is absolutely brilliant. A medic can quickly close a wound more tightly than a regular bandage, stop bleeding quickly, and hopefully minimize scars and further damage. Is there anything zip ties can’t do?

For a more technical explanation on these Zip Tie Bandages, check out this YouTube video below, and check out the official Top Closure Tension Relief System site for more information!

Via Agilite Gear

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