The Brinell Private Cloud Device Is the German Swiss Army Knife of Travel

The sophisticated design of the brinell Private Cloud makes it the perfect travel companion for business trips. This private cloud creates a private WiFi network that allows you to share data wirelessly via the detachable large capacity USB stick. It also provides a mobile recharging station while on the go. It’s available in many styles and capacities, starting at 179.

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The brinell Private Cloud review sample I was given is the “engineered” version in a black carbon finish with a 64GB detachable USB 3.0 drive. The brinell Private Cloud has three main purposes, the first is being able to create a wireless network with which to share files with PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. The second function that the Private Cloud performs is mobile storage with its detachable USB stick. The third function brinell’s Private cloud performs is as a mobile charger, providing 5400 mAh of battery capacity. That’s enough juice to recharge your iPhone 6 almost 3 times!

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The brinell Private Cloud comes with some nice accessories, including a carrying case for the Private Cloud device as well as a smaller carrying case for the USB drive. It also comes with a microUSB cable, a jewelry polishing cloth, and a European USB wall charger, which isn’t much help if you’ll be using it in the United States. The fact that this device comes with a jewelry polishing cloth attests to the quality of the design and build of this device. German craftsmanship, all the way.

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The Private Cloud is constructed with a solid metal-looking plastic on the exterior with black carbon fiber wrapped around its shell. The detachable USB drive and back panel of the Private cloud are both made of metal, however.

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The front of the Private Cloud has the sleek carbon fiber as well as the brinell logo. The back of the Private Cloud has more carbon fiber, along with the function panel, which allows you to choose between the functions of “Cloud,” “Charge,” and “Off.”

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The side of the Private Cloud houses the microUSB jack, which is how you recharge the device itself.

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Brinell does not have their own app for use with the Private cloud, but they recommend an app called FileExplorer. There is a free version of the app and it’s easy to use. Once I was connected to my own private cloud, it was easy to launch the FileExplorer app and connect to the USB stick to access the sample files that brinell loaded for me. The speed of the connection was very good and I was quickly able to view high-definition photos and stream music. It would be nice, however, if brinell had an app that was specifically designed for their Private Cloud device.

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Brinell’s Private Cloud is one of the best travel devices that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. It’s designed very well, finely crafted, and has a ton of storage capacity. It’s the perfect Swiss Army Knife for the travelling professional.

The brinell Private Cloud is available in many finishes, including wood, leather, and carbon fiber, and many capacities from 32GB to 240GB. You can purchase this multi-tool directly from the manufacturer at their website.

Source: The brinell Private Cloud was provided to me as a review sample by the manufacturer.

What I Like:  Excellent design and build quality; Many functions in one device; Large capacity mobile charger; Fast and Easy personal WiFi

What Needs Improvement:  An app specifically written for the brinell Private Cloud would improve the user experience

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