Zivix Pioneers Breakthroughs in Bluetooth MIDI Tech with Jamstick+ & PUC+

Late in 2013 Zivix announced PUC, wireless MIDI interface that allowed use of traditional music gear with iOS devices. The original PUC created a local WiFi network to handle the MIDI interface, now they’re back with PUC+ using Bluetooth Low Energy to more efficiently communicate while allowing simultaneous WiFi connections. They also announced jamstik+, bringing BTLE to their smart guitar!

Zivix Pioneers a Breakthrough in Bluetooth MIDI Technology

Announced at NAMM 2015, the Zivix PUC+ and jamstik+ utilize Bluetooth MIDI to connect to iOS® devices will enjoy a streamlined connectivity process, increased stability and a more robust performance when playing. One of the biggest benefits is that you no longer need to give up WiFi to use MIDI – a key downfall of the original PUC I had tested.

“Bluetooth MIDI technology has allowed us to make two award-winning products even better,” said Dan Sullivan, president, Zivix. “This expansion in our wireless technology closely aligns with Apple’s vision for the future of Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE,) making it easier than ever to play and create music for all levels of musicians.”

Here are some details of both devices:


In addition to BTLE MIDI, the jamstik+ leverages an improved picking system that offers the end-user a more authentic and natural picking experience than ever before.

The firmware and companion apps have also been upgraded allowing users more options to play a variety of instruments the moment it’s connected. Those include a banjo, piano, harp and even a sitar. Users get instant feedback with an open play mode that shows finger position for several chords.  Users can begin strumming chords within minutes of opening the box. There are also new convenience features like one-touch octave, capo shifting and programmable D-pad, offering increased versatility to all levels of musicians.

Additional Features of the jamstik+

  • Lightweight and ultra-portable, making it perfect to practice & play anywhere
  • Patented infrared light-sensing technology “sees” finger placement and provides real-time feedback
  • Compatible with GarageBand® and hundreds of other MIDI apps
  • Real strings, real frets and never needs tuning

Zivix Pioneers a Breakthrough in Bluetooth MIDI Technology


The PUC+ also features Bluetooth MIDI connectivity, providing for seamless music creation and live performance between MIDI compatible musical instruments and iOS devices. Traditionally, connecting multiple musical components required cables, which easily cluttered any studio or stage. The PUC+ frees musicians from those wires, and offers more options for mobility.

Additionally, the PUC+ boasts new features such as USB bi-direction and 5-Pin In or Out MIDI controllers for maximum versatility in nearly any setup.

Additional Product Features

  • Integrate into studio or live applications including Logic Pro X, ProTools, Ableton Live, Reaper and GarageBand wirelessly.
  • Leverages your existing iOS apps to create music and experiment with MIDI devices
  • Proprietary Bluetooth MIDI interface is designed specifically for iOS
  • Battery or micro USB powered

The jamstik+ and PUC+ are planned to be shipping in Q2 2015 with an MSRP of $299.99 (jamstik+) and $129.99 (PUC+).

For more information about the jamstik and PUC, visit jamstik.com and https://www.zivix.co/puc.

Check out the jamstik+ video:

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