Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness, and Bananas for PS Vita Now Available!

I remember playing Elite Beat Agents on Nintendo DS in 2006 – it was a blast to tap out beats to popular songs and improve your score through multiple attempts. Since the Playstation Vita has a touchscreen, it only makes sense that we have a touchscreen rhythm game for the Vita! Jungle Rumble is now available for your tapping pleasure!

Jungle Rumble

Disco Pixel’s exciting rhythm-puzzle game Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness, and Bananas is now available in North America for PS Vita.

Players help lead the Mofongo tribe of monkeys against rival banana-stealing primates before discovering that the rainforest’s human destruction is driving their neighbors to invade. The Mofongo then confront the true evil ravaging their land to reclaim tropical paradise.

To command the monkeys, gamers drum on the screen of their Vitas in time with the dynamic soundtrack while also making quick decisions about where to move and who to attack.

Here are some key features:
• Wild new take on rhythm games – drum to control your monkeys
• Dynamic soundtrack – the music swells in intensity as monkey minions are mustered
• Massive jungle – drum through tons of levels set on three separate worlds: sunny Juba Falls, dark Kagunga Forest, and the devastated Nadges Corp. Factory
• Iconic monkeys in a vibrant jungle rumble
• Crazy cartoon art-style
• An epic main story that will keep gamers playing for hours as well as numerous side quests

Get more information at the official site, or head to the Playstation Store to buy it now!

Check out the Jungle Rumble launch trailer:

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