Henge Docks Gravitas Review with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Inserts

The Henge Docks Gravitas for iOS devices is, by far, my favorite phone and tablet dock. The problem is that the review unit came wasn’t designed for the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Fortunately Henge Docks has the Life After Device program and is rolling out new inserts that work with current devices. That means you are covered.

Henge Docks Gravitas Review with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Inserts

Before we look a the new inserts themselves, let’s take a look at a video Judie and I shot during CES 2015 of the dock and the Life After Device Program.

As you can see, the dock is a great piece of kit. And the company’s commitment to their customers and not only delivering great product but great service as well is something I wish all companies would display.

The dock stands out thanks to a number of key factors.

iPhone 6/6 Plus compatible. Two new Gravitas inserts provide for full support with the both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, including case compatibility with the removable inner liner on each insert.

Worth its weight. Made of a zinc alloy 265% denser than aluminum and weighing in at 2.5 pounds (1.2 kg), the hefty Gravitas is made to facilitate single-handed docking and undocking.

Case Compatible. Accommodates most slim iPhone cases.

Compact footprint. Despite its impressive weight, the Gravitas only has a 3.5 inch (89 mm) diameter, maximizing your space while solidly protecting your iPhone/iPad.

Lightning and 30-pin models. Whether you’ve upgraded to all new devices or are still happily using older models, there is a Gravitas to fit your iPhone/iPad.

So why do I like this dock so much that it is the accessory I opted to use in my new home study? There are a few reasons. First, I love the look. The small footprint and solid, round silver of the base simple looks good and works well in small spaces. Second, because the dock is so heavy you can usually remove the phone or tablet from it without having to place one hand in the base while lifting the device out. Finally, in addition to synching and charging the device, thanks to a 3.5mm accessory port on the back you can feed audio from the device, through the dock and into your audio system. Since I prefer to use a wired connection and have a DAC in the line this is a huge plus.

Here’s our video look at the new inserts:

Features of the Gravitas iPhone Dock Include:

Swappable inserts. With inserts for all of Apple’s current Lightning devices, Gravitas allows for dual iPhone/iPad compatibility offering unmatched versatility in one dock.

USB port. Charge and sync your device in the Gravitas using the included USB cable.

Audio line out. Supplies external speakers with high fidelity, fixed-volume, stereo output.

Future proof. Gravitas is supported by our Life After Device program. Life After Device is our way of providing ongoing support of our products. For Gravitas, new inserts will be created for future generations of Apple Lightning equipped devices, ensuring continuing compatibility with iPhone and iPad.

Gravitas iPhone dock

If you already own a Gravitas dock you can buy a new insert for just $9. If you don’t yet have one and are ordering new you can get the Gravitas with the new insert for the iPhone 6 or for the 6 Plus for just a bit extra. You can learn more and order yours here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Gravitas iPhone and iPad Dock

What I Like: Heavy, so you can remove the device with one hand; Small footprint and attractive design; Rear 3.5mm aux audio port; Life After Device Program means longevity

What Needs Improvement: More expensive than some other docks

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