The Atlas Wristband Is What Dick Tracy Would Wear to Work Out

One thing I told myself on New Years Eve was “if I make a resolution, I’m going to keep it”. That resolution was to not “get fit” but rather “be as healthy as possible”. The checklist was simple “hit the gym at least four times a week.” Now, that I do this I want to see the progress I make.

I’ve been using MyFitnessPal to log in everything from Dips and crunches, to that 5K I ran on the treadmill. Finally today I found out about a wristband that keeps track of everything I do in the gym, and knows exactly what I am doing.

The Atlas Wristband Is What Dick Tracy Would Wear to Workout

The Atlas Wristband created by the wearables company is a fitness band that tracks each and every movement in 3D and matches it automatically to its database courtesy of it’s learning algorithms. With the fitness monitors out there seeming to come left and right, Atlas attempts to hold its own with the likes of Nike and Fitbit.

Accompanied by a mobile app for Android and iOS and bluetooth synching, everything that you do stores as you do it. The Atlas will track your calories and steps (including stairs) like every other smart band on the market, but it will even include things like crossfire, and push ups.

The CEO and co-founder of Atlas Peter Li stated:

“The atlas experience revolves around two things. There’s the band itself, with real-time feedback on basic analytics like heart rate, but the most juicy part is in the app experience. It will come with a free app you’ll be able to sync to so you can track your workouts and see how they are affecting your growth rate.”

Using Indiegogo and with over half their goal of $500,000 reached, the team over at Atlas plans to make the watch available by the end of the year with the ability to recognize over 100 workout movements. There is also an alternate goal of making the watch waterproof, but that will only come if they can reach $750,000. We over at Gear Diary are here for the journey, and look forward to seeing the finished product in the fall.

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