Need a USB-C Cable for Your New MacBook? Here’s an Affordable Option

Now that you’ve ordered your new 2015 Macbook, you’re probably wondering where you can find an extra USB-C Cable. A lot of people keep one at home, and one for the office or travel, and you all are in luck as Monoprice has announced they have a competitively priced version available.

Not everything that Apple does lasts forever, and one is their chargers for their MacBooks (MagSafe anyone?) And with the ushering of the USB-C era, people are all searching for an affordable option now that this is the standard across multiple platforms. And that’s where Monoprice, a company known for their first-to-market, affordably priced electronics and accessories, come into play.

The cables are now available on Monoprice’s site starting at $9.99 is s steal for folks who decide they don’t want to pay the premium at the Apple Store.

Need a USB-C Cable for Your New MacBook? Heres an Affordable Option

Monoprice mentions that their features and benefits of Monoprice’s version of the USB-C line of cables and adaptors include:

-Realize full data and power capabilities, and minimize insertion loss with reinforced zinc-alloy connectors
-Assure the highest signal integrity and maximize connector strength with a full metal jacket wrapped around a quad-shielded and braided cable
-Buy with confidence with a lifetime warranty on all of Monoprice’s cables

The current USB-C collection consists of the following variations, with more becoming available soon:

-3.1 USB-C to USB-C Cable – connect and charge between two USB-C ports ($24.99)
-2.0 USB-C to USB-A Cable – connect and charge between the new USB-C port and an existing USB-A 2.0 port ($9.99)
-USB-C to USB 3.0 A/F – enables USB 3.0 A to connect to a USB-C port ($11.99)
-USB-C to DisplayPort Cable – connect a USB-C device to a high-resolution display via DisplayPort ($34.99)
-USB-C to HDMI Adapter – connect to a high-resolution HDMI display via USB-C ($34.99)

“USB technology has really evolved into a single source that can deliver audio and video as well as data and power, all simultaneously, over a single cable and connector,” says Jeff Ravencraft, president of the USB Implementer’s Forum, a non-profit group of more than 700 member companies that are responsible for the advancing USB technology.

Need a USB-C Cable for Your New MacBook? Heres an Affordable Option

So if you’re looking for an affordable extra USB-C cable to hold onto until your new Macbook arrives, visit Monoprice’s site today.

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