Brooks Wants You to “Run Happy” by Channeling the Aurora Borealis!

Brooks Running has a very specific message: Run Happy! They want you to feel good running, and feeling good means wearing quality shoes that look great. Taste is subjective, but if you’re a fan of bright running shoes that make a statement, be sure to peruse Brook’s new “Aurora” line. They’ve released their best shoes in bright, beautiful new colors!

Brooks Wants You to "Run Happy" by Channeling the Aurora Borealis!

There are four shoe lines that have been redone to reflect the colors of the Aurora Borealis: The Ghost 8, Glycerin 13, Adrenaline GTS 15, and the Launch 2. All of them come in Men’s and Women’s styles, though the color schemes differ between the genders. They’re certainly bright, and the fade between shades is pretty cool looking, but you’re bound to have at least a few people wonder if you had an accident in the spray paint area of Home Depot during your last long run. If you can handle the brightness, and you need a new pair of Brooks, be sure to check out the whole collection. Some of those color combinations look really cool, and if you look good and your feet are happy, well, you’ll definitely RUN HAPPY!


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