ZAGG Folio Is a Great Travel Companion for the iPad Air!

I don’t travel near as much as I used to, but when I do I no longer drag a laptop with me, opting instead for my iPad Air. Of course, to do any productive writing I will need a separate keyboard; recently I took the ZAGG Folio case with built-in Bluetooth keyboard and it fit the bill perfectly.

ZAGG Folio Is a Great Travel Companion for the iPad Air

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The ZAGG Folio offers not only one of the thinnest keyboards around, but it also has a backlit feature with adjustable illumination level for those times when you have to work in low light levels or don’t wish to turn on that overhead light of your airplane seat. The 950 mAh lithium polymer battery pack in the Folio allows up to three months between charges but for those prolific travelers and writers you will have to recharge it more often via the included micro USB cable.

ZAGG Folio Is a Great Travel Companion for the iPad Air

Installation of you iPad is a snap (literally) into one side of the ZAGG Folio case. It is constructed of lightweight polycarbonate and features a non-slip leather wrap on top and bottom. A stiff hinge allows the Folio case to hold any angle in its 135 degree range. Due to the light weight of the keyboard base I did find a couple of times that my iPad Air would pull the Folio over when I released it but that was very rare and only when I placed the unit on my lap in the terminal between flights. On a flat surface the ZAGG Folio balanced just fine.

ZAGG Folio Is a Great Travel Companion for the iPad Air

The ZAGG Folio is an attractive keyboard case that works very well and offers good protection for your device. The thin keyboard with illumination is a key feature of this unit not to mention the lightweight design as well and non-slip exterior as well. The word ZAGG is an acronym for “Zealous About Great Gadgets” and with products like this new Folio keyboard case the company proves it lives up to its name.  The Zagg Folio is $99.99, but it’s been reduced to $69.99 at; available in black (as tested) or white; model for iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

ZAGG Folio Is a Great Travel Companion for the iPad Air

Source: ZAGG Folio review sample provided by manufacturer.

What I like: Thin, lightweight design; Illuminated keyboard; Strong hinge and available working angles

What can be improved: Nothing, unit works like a champ

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