Booq’s Cobra Brief Is a Traveling Professional’s Best Friend

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The Cobra Brief by Booq is my favorite 15” MacBook Pro-toting briefcase for traveling. I’ve used it twice so far on plane trips from Newark to both Chicago and Orlando and it’s been very comfortable to carry with me, stow under the seat in front of me, or in the overhead luggage compartment. The Cobra Brief is available for $295!

Booq's Cobra Brief is a Traveling Professional's Best Friend

This luxuriously appointed mid-size bag for business travelers scores for me on every level, from the 1680 denier ballistic nylon on the exterior and silky Nappa leather trim on the interior, to the multiple carrying methods. There are multiple pockets that are accessible from the exterior and interior pockets for organization, all of which make the Cobra Brief easy to use while you’re on the go.

Booq's Cobra Brief is a Traveling Professional's Best Friend

Booq's Cobra Brief is a Traveling Professional's Best Friend

The size of the Cobra Brief is great for travel as well. It’s big enough to carry all of your stuff, but it’ll also fit under the seat in front of you without eliminating all of your legroom. The Cobra Brief measures 17.3 x 13 x 4.9 in on the exterior and 15.7 x 11.8 x 1.4 in on the interior. It weighs 3.39lbs without any contents.

Booq's Cobra Brief is a Traveling Professional's Best Friend

Booq's Cobra Brief is a Traveling Professional's Best Friend

The hardware on the Cobra Brief includes heavy-duty YKK zippers and high-end gunmetal hardware that strikes a beautiful contrast to the dark black finish of the nylon exterior. Also included on the inside of the Cobra Brief is a Terralinq tag that, after registered and linked to its owner, helps get your bag back to you if it’s lost. It’s basically a lost-and-found service operated by Booq.

Booq's Cobra Brief is a Traveling Professional's Best Friend

Inner pockets to store pens and organize storage.

Booq's Cobra Brief is a Traveling Professional's Best Friend

As I mentioned, there are multiple carrying methods with the Cobra Brief: First is the extra-long strap with super-soft shoulder pads made of breathable air mesh fabric and a non-slip surface application that prevents the bag from slipping off of your shoulders. Second, is the soft Nappa leather-wrapped carrying handles. Third, is the seatbelt nylon strap on the back of the bag, with which you can quickly and easily attach the Cobra Brief to your rolling luggage.

Booq's Cobra Brief is a Traveling Professional's Best Friend

Lots of room for storage and organization.

What strikes me the most about the Cobra Brief is its accessibility. Everything is accessible very quickly, whether you’re trying to grab your laptop from the padded laptop pocket, or a pen from the open organization sleeve at the very top of the bag, or your iPad which fits nicely in an exterior zippered pocket. As I’ve been traveling for business, I’ve been impressed with how much the Cobra Brief enhances my traveling experience. I can quickly and easily grab a phone charger, a pen, or notebook as I’m walking through the airport.

Booq's Cobra Brief is a Traveling Professional's Best Friend

Easy access in the top pocket, even when the bag is closed.

My ONLY complaint…and it’s relatively minor…is that, as an architect, I typically travel with 11×17 size paper, but 11×17 paper doesn’t fit inside the Cobra Brief without being folded. But that’s just an issue with the size of the bag and not the features. If you’re looking for a bigger bag, the Cobra Brief just isn’t the bag for you.

While I wouldn’t call Booq’s Cobra Brief a “designer” or “chic” briefcase, it’s a great bag with excellent features that will be fairly durable over the years. I would definitely recommend the Cobra Brief for professionals who need to travel often and have a mid-sized laptop to tote with them. It’s comfortable to carry and it’ll fit a decent amount.

You can purchase the Cobra Brief directly from Booq’s website!

Source: The Booq Cobra Brief was a manufacturer supplied review unit.

What I Like: Simple, sturdy design; Excellent access to necessary items from the exterior; Great organization inside; High-end construction and materials; Easy to travel with.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing.

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