Harry’s Shave Plans Review: Is It Good and Cheap?

I’ve long been a blade shaver, and I was hooked on Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide line for a long time.  Well, I am no longer paying Gillette’s exorbitant price, thanks to Harry’s; my face feels better for it, and so does my wallet.


When I used to buy Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide, blades would run me about 40 bucks a month plus the cost of shaving cream or gel.  If I buy the Fusion Gel line, it’s around 50 bucks for blades and gel for 2 months.  This is a lot of cash just to have a smooth face. Plus when I started paying for my son to shave, it really started to add up!  So I decided to order my Truman set, sign up for a shave plan to give it a try, and before my first shave plan was complete, I was hooked and I plan to continue using Harry’s.


The Truman kit that they ship has enough shave gel and cream for a month of shaves. That is, it has 3 five blade cartridges, the Truman handle in your choice of colors (I chose blue), one 4 oz can of shave gel, and a travel cover. You do pay shipping which is 8 bucks, but the kit itself is free.  Not too bad.


After that, you can tailor the shave plan to your liking, depending on how often you shave. I shave every day, so the plan I’m on has 8 blades and 2 cans of shave gel for $30.00; they ship this to me every 2 months.  I can change it at any time (and I may as I might want to try their shave cream instead of the gel some time), and I can also cancel at any time as well.

It’s cheaper, but is it just as good or better than the Gillette equivalent? The only thing I miss about the Gillette blades I used to use is the trimmer blade on the back side. I can deal with that. The Harry’s Blades last as long or longer than the Gillette blades did. I typically swap blades once a week (or slightly longer than a week), and I shave every day usually. I also chose the shave gel versus the cream, and Harry’s gel smells and feels good as I shave.  Also, I shave in the shower with a fog free mirror. Once I am done, I stick my face in the shower stream and rinse. My Harry’s shave is just as close as the Gillette shave, so I am SOLD on  Harry’s.  I only hope they don’t run into the same issues that Dollar Shave Club is running into.

Harry’s is busting the model that Gillette has used for years.   I easily spend half as much on Harry’s as I would for Gillette. More money in my pocket, and I get a great shave. There’s nothing bad I can say about Harry’s!

Source: Personal Purchase

MSRP: $30.00 Bi-Monthly

What I like: Great shave, great price.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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  1. Thanks for the review, Joel! Glad it is working for you.

    My brother is also a fan and subscriber, and recently we were staying at his house and my car had been broken into and all of my stuff stolen, and he let me use one of his Harry’s shavers. I liked it – it felt like it was between the Mach3 and Fusion in terms of weight and size (and water retention) … so I just ordered the ‘free trial’ with the same basic monthly subscription you have. If it works as well for me as for others, I will gladly pocket the difference!

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