I’m JK, and I’m a Gear Addict

As the new kid on Gear Diary, let me introduce myself and explain why I’m so excited to be here.

My name is James Kendrick and I’m thrilled to be the newest member of the Gear Diary family. I’ve been covering mobile tech since before tech sites existed, and I’m a self-proclaimed gadget addict.


Way back when I started jkOnTheRun, my personal tech blog, it was just for fun. It grew rapidly and was acquired by GigaOM. They hired me to keep writing for it, so I made a career change to my dream of writing about mobile tech full time.

I covered mobile tech for GigaOM for several years, and then five years ago I jumped over to ZDNet where I still write about mobile tech. I’ll continue to do that while contributing my thoughts and views about it here on Gear Diary.

I am platform agnostic and have some good gear that I use to get my work done.

I currently have 5 tablets:

  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad Pro
  • Surface 3
  • Jide Remix Ultra

My laptop is a MacBook Air 11-inch (older model), and I have an Acer Chromebook 13. I own keyboards for all of the tablets above and usually take a tablet with me each day to work remotely. I’ve been doing that for years and rarely take a “real” laptop with me.

While my home office is nice, most mornings I head out to spend the day working all over downtown Houston. I like to see what mobile gear people use in public, and this is the best way to do so. My latest tablet purchase, the iPad Pro, is the writing system I use most often with the Logi CREATE keyboard and less often the Apple Smart Keyboard.

I own more gadget accessories and bags than I can count. There’s a bag tree in my loft as a matter of fact. I also have an Apple Watch, and not 1 but 2 wireless headphones,

So now you know who this JK guy is and why he’s here. I’ve been a long-time friend of Judie’s, and I can’t wait to share my take on this thing called mobile.

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  1. Welcome, James! We are thrilled to have your voice on the site! =D

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