The Spongester: Keeps Your Good Sponge Separate from Your Evil Sponge

If you use sponges (or O-Cell-O pads) in your home, then you probably have two: one that you use on dishes and countertops and one that gets used in places like the toilet, floor, or worse. The Spongester is a simple two-tiered stainless steel rack that stores your sponges so they can dry, keeping them clean and most importantly — separated.

The Spongester: Keeps Your Good Sponge Separate from Your Evil Sponge

There’s a slot for your “good” sponge (on the top of course), and there’s a slot for the sponge that should never touch a surface you prepare food or eat from (if that’s what you decide to store there).

The Spongester: Keeps Your Good Sponge Separate from Your Evil Sponge

Made in New York of industrial-grade stainless steel that can be bent slightly if you need a different holding angle, the Spongester rack “expunges bacteria while keeping it clean with two distinct shelves for your sponges.” Whether you’re using one sponge for your baby’s bottles and one sponge for the rest of your dishes, or if you have any other use that requires a separation or drying shelf for each individual sponge, the Spongester has you covered.

The Spongester was designed by Michael G. Frank to appease a former germ-conscious roommate, its smart shape prevents cross-contamination with bendable, semi-perforated shelves that encourage drainage and inhibit bacterial growth.

The Spongester: Keeps Your Good Sponge Separate from Your Evil Sponge

At $28, the Spongester is a bit more expensive than some of the other sponge racks I’ve seen, but sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference. If you use different sponges for different purposes and don’t want to get them mixed up, this is your rack. If your OCD is bothered by seeing a sponge and a plastic scrubby lying on the side of your sink, this will help. If you want to allow your clean sponges to drain and dry without sitting in a wet puddle of germs, this is a great way to do that. Or if you want to keep a bar of soap stored on the bottom from turning into a gelatinous mess, this will also do the trick. There are lots of ways that the Spongester can be put to work; you’ll only be limited by your needs and imagination.

The Spongester is available from Uncommon Goods.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Allows you to keep sponges with different purposes separated, dry, and clean; Can be used to hold soap and a sponge; Eliminates guesswork on which is your “good” sponge

What Needs Improvement: Expensive

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