Lightroom for Android Receives HUGE Update

If you’re an Android user and are a fan of Photoshop, but you’ve just been waiting for features that iOS received first (like the ability to shoot RAW images to reach your device), you’re in luck because the update now includes Lightroom, and is available for all Android devices!

GearDiary Lightroom for Android Receives HUGE Update

For the photographer in us all, if you care about your photos enough to capture, organize, edit, and share them directly from your smartphone or tablet, you’re in luck because Lightroom is currently the FIRST and only way to get yourself an end-to-end mobile photography experience that before could only be taken advantage of through a desktop application.

GearDiary Lightroom for Android Receives HUGE Update

With features like a built in camera that is specifically formulated to shoot through presets, you can also do things such as split toning, dehazing, and even adjusting your targets to further fine tune the colors in specific areas courtesy of the new color/B&W editing options. If you shoot a lot of videos and need the ability to edit, you can craft some awesome videos, even to lengths of adding in your favorite tune with one-tap access to Adobe Premiere Clip.

Lightroom on Android is available now in the Google Play store today!

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