Keep a BIG-i on Your Home with This Personal AI Robot

One of the cooler gadgets that have been announced recently is the NXROBO BIG-i, which is a personal robot that actually gets to know its users. Think of it as your own personal Sonny from iRobot, without the bad CGI.


The first ever fully interactive personal robot, the BIG-i is one piece of artificial intelligence that will wow your family, as well as your houseguests. The robot stands at 2.5 feet tall and is made of cushioned material that won’t damage your surroundings. It is actually designed to address your families personal needs with its endless learning capabilities. Built with voice recognition and natural language-based programming you can easily have your BIG-i answer your every need over the course of time. He will do everything from place a phone call or even have a video call in the event you can’t find your smartphone.


With Smart Home integration, the BIG-i will set the mood for you after a long day at work by turning on your favorite television show, or even asking you how your day has been! What if you have friends over and decide to make a toast for something special? The BIG-i will recognize this and make it a mission to automatically play a song for the occasion. But that’s not even the beginning of what your own personal robot can do, as you can ask it for directions, ordering food, you name it, BIG-i can learn it.

“It has always been my dream to create a robot that could enrich a family’s life,” said Dr. Tin Lun Lam, CEO of NXROBO. “The needs of every household are diverse. In order to have a family robot become common in homes, it needs to be affordable with truly great design, technologies and personalization capabilities to fit everyone’s needs.”

Scheduled to hit the states in the fourth quarter of this year, you can click here to find out more information about the BIG-i by NXROBO today!

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