Fuse Chicken’s Armour Charge Cable Will Never Fray On You

If you are looking for a cable for your iPhone or iPad that won’t fray on you after 90 days, all while looking stylish, you need to be checking out Fuse Chicken’s ARMOUR CHARGE stainless steel cable.


The cable itself is a beautiful accessory for your smart device by Apple that will only set you back $34.95. Having an adventurous puppy in the house, and also being a bit reckless when it comes to pulling my cords from the wall in a rush, when Fuse Chicken sent over their Armour Charge cable my initial thought was “Do I really need a stainless steel cable?” That was until I started using it. And now I’m very content in using this as my charging for traveling, as well as what I use in my living room.


Made from 100% stainless steel woven strands, followed with an aluminum cover on top of the lightning and USB connecters, this cable is gorgeous and durable. It’s a bit lighter than their Titan Cable I reviewed last year, but that’s a good thing. I did have an initial concern about how heat would play a factor into charging devices, as well as the cable possibly melting and overcharging, but my doubts have been proven unneeded as the stainless steel Armour charge handles heat well, and will not melt either the device or the cable while getting its juice from the outlet you plug it into.


This is the cable you want if you are harsh on cables, or simply want to separate your lightning cable from your friends that mysteriously take yours.

For more information about the Fuse Chicken Armour Charge cable head over to their site today!

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