The Withings Thermo: A Fast, Non-Invasive, and Accurate Temporal Thermometer

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The Withings Thermo: A Fast, Non-Invasive, and Accurate Temporal Thermometer Listen to this article

Taking a temperature when you or a loved one is sick usually involves sticking a thermometer into one orifice or another. That’s not very fun for the person who is ill. Today, Withings, part of the Nokia family, is announcing their new Thermo — the first Wi-Fi-connected temporal thermometer — which we first saw at CES 2016

Nokia Withings Thermo

Imagine simply pressing a button and scanning the Thermo across yours or your loved one’s forehead; you’ll get an instant temperature reading. No skin contact is needed, so there Thermo is hygienic and non-invasive. Two vibrations will let you know when the temperature reading is complete, and you can set it to display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Because the Thermo takes the user’s age into account, it will provide “instant color-coded feedback via an LED display that will glow Green for normal, Orange for elevated, and Red for high-temperature levels.” You can easily use this to check your sleeping child’s temperature without waking them —  perfect for when your child has been sick all day and they’re finally resting, but you want to know if their fever has broken.

The Thermo uses two AAA batteries, which Withings says can last up to two years; the Thermo is easily carried in a bag or pocket, too.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Because it’s a Withings device, the Thermo is also connected. It will automatically send temperature readings “to your iOS or Android smartphone on the dedicated application, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing a seamless synchronization. The app gives the ability to better control and manage fever episodes for multiple users, by following the temperature trend and getting a clear fever status at any time. It also allows users to provide contextual information associated with readings, such as logging symptoms or making notes of any administered medicines.  Notifications can be set to prompt parents with measurement reminders to better monitor fever episodes. The app also integrates with Boston Children’s Hospital’s Thermia™ tool, which provides educational information that can provide insights on how to care for a child with a fever.”

Best of all, the Thermo is an FDA approved, Class IIa Medical device, which means it is accurate and you’ll feel confident using it.

We’ll have our Thermo review up soon, but in the meantime, the Withings Thermo is $99.99, and it is available exclusively at U.S. Apple stores and It will also be available internationally in the near future.

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