As You Prepare for Back to School, Don’t Forget Hope Paige’s Medical ID Bracelets

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As You Prepare for Back to School, Don't Forget Hope Paige's Medical ID Bracelets Listen to this article

If you have a child with food allergies or another medical condition, having an easy to find medical ID bracelet is imperative, especially once they go back to school. Hope Paige‘s medical ID bracelets are cute enough that even the most picky child will find something they’d be happy to wear.


The company makes fashionable medical ID bracelets for adults, too, and they have a special promotion going on right now, just in time for back to school: a 25% discount on all products purchased through their site through August 17th. To get the discount, you just need to use the code BTS16 when you checkout.

As part of their back to school promotion, for every $14.95 “All Paws on Deck” children’s medical ID bracelet (shown above)  purchased they are also donating one to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Pretty cool, right?

Everyone with a food allergy or medical condition should wear a medical ID of some kind (heck, I even have to wear one); Hope Paige makes bracelets you and your kids will be proud to wear — you should check out their site!

A parent’s peace of mind can be the biggest gift this Back to School shopping season and Hope Paige has the products to make that a reality.


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