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With Bluetooth Headphones becoming a popular item to have after Apple’s announcement earlier this month, companies have been scrambling to come up with innovative Bluetooth products to sell. Luckily, 1More was already prepared with their brand of headphones, and they sent us over two models to check out that you might want to purchase.



The first of the two, the MK802 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones ($129.99) by 1More are essentially a Bluetooth headphone that you would go out and about wearing, or carry with you on a long flight and know that they will get the job done. With the option of being wired with a companion cable (in the event the battery dies), the MK8082’s are an upgrade from those headphones you picked up at Best Buy that were on sale and you figured “why not”. Available in red or blue, I went with the crimson red color to stand out from the traditional color I typically get. Here are some additional details on the MK802’s:

  • Frequency Range: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1 with 30 ft. Range
  • Battery Life: Standby 5 months, Talk 26 hours, Music 15 hours
  • Driver Diameter: 40mm
  • Optional Cable: 1.2 m Optional plug: 3.5mm

The ear cups of the MK802’s are actually pretty soft to the touch, and even better while listening. Most leather ear cups I’ve felt in the past have always been pretty stiff, and after about an hour of wearing, I tend to adjust them. Not the case with the MK802’s which come with their own pretty nifty headphone adjusting system that works with just one hand that I thought was pretty cool compared to Apple’s Beat’s headphones which adjusting mechanism I’ve personally hated for some time.


Since the MK802’s are so comfortable, I’ve actually begun my lift days at the gym with them. Unlike most Bluetooth on-ear headphones on the market, the MK802’s stuck to having the controls (Power, volume, call control, and bass control) on the right ear cup, but made the buttons a nice enough size to remember on the fly, and more importantly, didn’t make them gesture based. While I’m all for a quick swipe to do things, when doing pull-ups or vigorous workouts with gesture headphones you will tend to hit something you didn’t mean to.


What does this mean in terms of audio? With the KN802’s, they match up, and actually are better than those Beats your friend has. With a 15-hour battery life and a fraction of the cost, the only thing that friend with the overpriced headphones can say is “your headphones are red like mine”. You can choose to entertain them, or simply just tell them to take a listen. At $129, not only are the MK802’s matching the beats in terms of bass, but for $100 less, you get a headphone that’s diaphragm is made of PEEK, which is a polymer that will deliver balanced sound, that won’t make your audio sound muffled, even from up to thirty feet away thanks to its heightened Bluetooth range. If you’d like more info about the MK802’s ($129.99) you can head here.

Second on the list are the iBFree ($49.99), which are a pair of in-Ear Bluetooth headphones by 1More, available in four different colors (red, green, blue and grey), that will certainly stand out in a crowd. Made to be ergonomic, the iBFree’s are your budget pair of sweat resistant Bluetooth buds that feature premium specs such as a titanium driver and the same audio experience as far as bass and mids that you’d get from those $150-$200 brands. I had the opportunity of using these as well, and I alternate between the MK802’s and the iBFree’s while at the gym. While the MK802’s are great for lifting, they do tend to move a bit while on a treadmill run and elliptical. That’s where I turn to the iBFree’s, which are essentially everything I’d get from the MK802’s but IN my ear. With patented IntelligentControl technology, I can use the iBFree’s with my iPhone to quickly change tracks, or answer a call, you can do so with the in-line remote.

While I certainly wouldn’t take the iBFree’s out for a swim, they do hold up well with my sweat. Since they come with three different sets of silicon ear tips, as well as sports grips the mediums fit my ears perfectly and I’m never finishing myself adjusting the ear tip consistently on a run. 1More states that the iBFree’s are standard IPx4 resistant, which means that you can sweat with these for weeks and not have one ear die out on you during a run.

One thing that is worth mentioning about both products is that they both require being charged for at least a minute before their first usage. Luckily for me, I read the instructions on the MK802’s before going to the gym and charged them for about 20 minutes prior to my session at the gym. Both get frequent usage as of now, especially in the gym, but if you are in the market for either, they both work as solid substitutes for your current rotation of headphones.

Or check out both on at 1More’s home page today. 


Source: Manufacturer supplied samples

What I Like: Out of the two, I tend to use the over-ear MK802’s more. While the iBFree’s are great, overall audio just sounds better on the MK802’s. Also 1More including an optional cable is a welcome addition, especially for the price you don’t see that from many other brands

What Needs Improvement: I think the iBFree’s cable should be a bit longer

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