Power Toothpaste Goes Retail!

We had the chance to check out Power Toothpaste when they were first crowdfunding their product. Caffeinated toothpaste may sound crazy, but it’s actually pretty delicious and seems to offer a legitimate boost of energy in the mornings! I’ve used my sample toothpastes a few times when I didn’t have time for coffee and needed a boost to get to work, and found it really was fairly effective.

Power Toothpaste Goes Retail!

Now everyone can have the same opportunity to get hyper while brushing their teeth, but it won’t come cheap. Power Toothpaste is retailing at $14.99 for one tube, though the five-pack brings the per tube cost down to ~$10/tube or $49.99. It is pricey for straightforward toothpaste, but it does offer a jolt of caffeine, so if it replaces one cup of coffee per day it makes the price more reasonable. It’s also worth noting that it’s not so far off the mark from other specialty toothpastes: Tom’s of Maine runs from $9 to $17 on Amazon, for example. Power Toothpaste claims you can save a fair bit of money over coffee, claiming one tube is equivalent to 90 cups coffee! If you have a Starbucks a day habit, this could save you quite a lot in your budget (though it might take longer to tip in your favor if you’re brewing from grinds from home).

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/L9jhXKGDluc 

Caffeine laced toothpaste isn’t for everyone, but if you need an energy boost in the morning and don’t have the time or inclination to grab an energy drink or cup of coffee, it’s worth checking out Power Toothpaste!

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