SanDisk Defies Logic with Their 1TB Extreme Pro SDXC Card


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If you shoot 4K video, then you know how quickly the gigabytes get used; here to make your life much easier is the new SanDisk Extreme Pro 1TB SDXC card. That’s one thousand gigabytes to you, sir!


I remember when 1GB was a huge deal — it wasn’t that long ago, for goodness sake!

Showcasing the most advanced imaging technologies is truly exciting for us. Sixteen years ago we introduced the first SanDisk 64MB SD™ card and today we are enabling capacities of 1TB. Over the years our goal has remained the same; continue to innovate and set the pace for the imaging industry. The SanDisk 1TB SD card prototype represents another significant achievement as growth of high-resolution content and capacity-intensive applications such as virtual reality, video surveillance and 360 video, are progressing at astounding rates. – Dinesh Bahal, vice president, product management, Content Solutions Business Unit, Western Digital

I’m simply blown away that a card so small can handle such a huge amount of data, and I’m obviously not the only one …

Just a few short years ago the idea of a 1TB capacity point in an SD card seemed so futuristic – it’s amazing that we’re now at the point where it’s becoming a reality. With the growing demand for applications like VR, we can certainly use 1TB when we’re out shooting continuous high-quality video. High-capacity cards allow us to capture more without interruption, streamlining our workflow, and eliminating the worry that we may miss a moment because we have to stop to swap out cards, – Sam Nicholson , CEO of Stargate Studios and member of the American Society of Cinematographers.

SanDisk has just revealed this little beauty at Photokina 2016; as of now, there is no info on price or when it will actually be available. Not soon enough for all of you videographers, right? 🙂


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  1. I SO want a MicroSD version! My Moto Z Force would LOVE this. 🙂

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