The Citizen Sapphire Eco-Drive Watch Review: Geek Cred in a Not So “Dumb Watch”

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The Citizen Sapphire Eco-Drive Watch Review: Geek Cred in a Not So "Dumb Watch" Listen to this article

On Instagram, my friend Mike posted a picture of his collection and had this to say:


So there you have it. The Citizen Sapphire Eco-Drive watch is a good-looking, well-made watch that anyone would be proud to wear or own; it would also make an excellent holiday or graduation gift! The fact that you don’t need to worry about changing the battery or keeping it wound just adds to its cool factor. Eco-Drive watches have a great reputation among my friends who’ve been buying and wearing them for years (in some cases multiple models), so that’s an added bonus.

The Citizen Sapphire Eco-Drive Watch retails for $295, and it is available directly from Citizen or from other retailers.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: The Citizen Sapphire is a lovely watch that doesn’t require winding or a new battery; The women’s Sapphire has a nice weight to it; Eco-Drive watches last for a long, long time

What Needs Improvement: The date window on the Sapphire watch is a little small for easy glancing (for me, anyway)

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