Naked Case on Kickstarter: Perfect Scratch Protection for the Jet Black iPhone 7

I ordered a Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus, and I went into it knowing that in time I would probably see more than a few scratches on my otherwise beautiful phone. The new Naked Case on Kickstarter uses the same tough film used to protect exotic sports cars to protect your iPhone from scratches. Check it out …


As Naked Case puts it, when it comes to scratches on your iPhone 7:

There is NO Known REPAIR!

You paid around $1,000 for Jet Black iPhone 7, right?

FACT: 70% of people damage their phones.

Broken screen? Fine, pay $150 to $300 to get it fixed – easy.

Completely feffed your iPhone?

Replace it with Apple Care for $150 or you’re out to another $1,000.

BUT what about SCRATCHES to the body? There is NO known REPAIR.
That’s right you’ll just have to live with the ugliness of the scratches, and no way you’re gonna be able to sell it afterwards.

Your Jet Black iPhone 7 is probably one of your most important purchases. PROTECT IT by keeping it looking new with a Naked Case™!

Check out the Naked Case on Kickstarter by clicking here.

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  1. I cancelled my funding as soon as I discovered that the corners and camera area are unprotected. Absolute ridiculous design not to protect the exact areas that will scratch or take a hit. Other companies have precise fits. This feels rushed to market for a profit. The founder or his staff, is also removing all negative comments on his youtube channel. Take a look at the ‘amazing’ comments to see how they were all posted at the same time. Says a lot.

  2. Yikes, not great. Thanks for posting.

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  4. No clue; let me check and see if it is in moderation.

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