Dog & Bone Debuts Earmade Custom Moldable Bluetooth Earbuds at CES 2017

Today at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Dog & Bone announced their new custom-molded Bluetooth earbuds, simply named Earmade.  Earmade is a first-of-its-kind Bluetooth earbud that gives the user a customized fit for maximum comfort by using a heated dock to soften the moldable earbuds before inserting them into the user’s ear.  Earmade will be available in 2017 for $159.99.

Dog & Bone Debuts Earmade Custom Moldable Bluetooth Earbuds at CES 2017

The Earmade earbuds will be water and sweat resistant and will feature an inline controller compatible with iOS and Android devices to play, pause, or answer calls.   The Earmade buds will contain an 80mAh battery that will allow the earbuds to pump out the jams for up to 6 hours before the juice runs out.  Users will be able to charge their earbuds with a provided USB cable.

These premium custom-molded earbuds will also feature sound isolation, delivered by the precise fit of the personalized molding.  The precise fit will also ensure that the earbuds deliver the full spectrum of sound, from lows to highs.

Maria Ronchod, co-founder of Dog & Bone had the following to say about the Earmade earbuds:

“Designing comfortable earbuds that fit each and every consumer can be a difficult feat, but we’ve succeeded by utilizing a heating dock that makes for a safe and streamlined process that is so simple, my 8 year old could create earbuds on her own.  By custom molding the earbuds, we achieve the exact fit, allowing us to deliver premium sound isolation.”

Dog & Bone Debuts Earmade Custom Moldable Bluetooth Earbuds at CES 2017

Earmade will be available in Black, Orange, and White, with the option to purchase additional moldable inserts.  The retail package will come with the earbuds and inline remote, 2 sets of custom moldable inserts, a microUSB charging cable, the heating dock, and a soft carrying case.

Throughout CES 2017, be sure to visit Dog & Bone and preview their entire product line at their CES booth located at LVCC, North Hall, Booth #9129.

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