HiMirror Announces a Host of New Products for Consumers

At CES 2017, HiMirror, one of the top 3D print companies announced several new products that deal with 3D printing, smart home, robotics and more.

HiMirror Announces a Host of New Products for Consumers

Including the HiMirror, a great bathroom accessory that’s unique features go far beyond your typical bathroom mirror. With a one button setup, it’s super portable all the while being safe to use and store. The da Vinci nano will be available in the second quarter.

Other items from the brand Include:

  • HiMirror, HiMirror Plus and HiSkin which all have touch-free designs, the world’s first smart beauty mirror will give the health conscious user an in-depth, personalized skincare analysis and product recommendations based on the evolving conditions of the users skin. The HiMirror will cost you $189, while the Plus model will be $259. In addition, the HiSkin, a hand-held device that gives a 360-degree analysis of your skin’s condition will be available this month for $49.99.
  • BCX Zen: Tailored clothing that can be used with a sensor device, the BCX Zen is a transmitter system that cares for your mindfulness life, and will help users find quick stress relief.
  • Smart Body Scale: Paired with the HiMirror, the Smart Body Scale measures weight, body fat ratio, body mass index, total body water, muscle mass, bone mass, and basal metabolic rate all on a simple interface to give you data on your progress.


HiMirror Announces a Host of New Products for Consumers

There are a host of other products that HiMirror will be announcing over the next few days that you should certainly check out, and we will keep you up to date with as the week progresses. To learn more about HiMiror, you can visit their website here today.

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