Engage in Flossing Again with Flosstime

Yes, Apple might be doing their best impression of dental floss with their AirPods, but there’s nothing like the real thing. Flosstime is another idea brought to you by a Stanford Biodesign class that is designed to improve oral health.

Engage in Flossing Again with Flosstime

So they decided to take their results and bring it to CES 2017 in Vegas by introducing the world’s first automated floss dispenser. Available immediately at Flosstime.com, the white device houses your floss, and fastens to your bathroom mirror, ready for you to grab first thing in the morning after brushing.

Alerting you when it’s time to floss, Flosstime is a single-touch device that automatically dispenses the recommended 18 inches of floss, cuts it for you so there’s no guesswork, and sets a 90-second LED-timer that moves around the Flosstime in order to get an accurate time for you to floss your teeth. After the minute and a half, the Flosstime will light up with a LED smile as a reward for avoid day avoiding the dentist and potential cavities. But if you don’t floss after 22-hours, a frown face will show on your Flosstime letting you know it doesn’t approve on your hygiene. The Flosstime comes with a replaceable cartridge which comes with 50 meters of comfort floss, and should last approximately three to four months and only need two AA batteries to use. Available this month, you can purchase the Flosstime today for $29.99 directly from their site.

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