So What Exactly Didn’t Samsung Announce at CES 2017?

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So What Exactly Didn't Samsung Announce at CES 2017? Listen to this article

Ushering in a new year in Vegas here at the Consumer Electronics Show for Samsung, spirits were high going into their live announcements that were live blogged, live-tweeted and even now are being described as a Christmas come early for techies. At every twist and turn, Samsung wowed, and with such a big event, there’s so much to cover. Let’s start.


So What Exactly Didn't Samsung Announce at CES 2017?

To start the week off, Samsung introduced their smart home appliances that are not only able to do tricks like jot your grocery list for you, as WELL as talk to you all while looking pretty impressive by doing it. Imagine it, walking up to your fridge and telling your fridge you need milk. You’ve probably written down reminders of things to get, stuck onto your fridge, and somehow still managed to forget when it came to actually going grocery shopping. Samsung knows you’re forgetful and made it a mission to have your back, so thanks, Samsung, we here at Gear Diary love you.

So What Exactly Didn't Samsung Announce at CES 2017?

Then there was Samsung ushering in their home entertainment with televisions with such beautiful displays, if you were here at CES, you probably sat and stared at the immaculate stained glass wallpapers, and were thankful that Samsung not only switched from using snowboarding wallpapers to highlight their contrast in televisions but thankful that Samsung introduced their new QLED TV’s into your life.

So What Exactly Didn't Samsung Announce at CES 2017?

The company promises you will get the best picture quality ever, and we’ve taken PICTURES of the picture quality, and can attest, they aren’t lying. With TV’s displaying DCI-P# color space accurately, regardless of where you sit in the room, you’re going to feel like there’s nothing else you see. Capable of reproducing 100 percent color volume, other brands pale in comparison to what Samsung had to offer.

So What Exactly Didn't Samsung Announce at CES 2017?

One feature that Samsung mentioned that drew handclaps around the room from the press were the new Quantum dots that allow Samsung QLED TV’s to express deep blacks and rich detail regardless of lighting.

So you Game of Thrones fans, just know… Winter is Coming, and if you get yourself a Samsung, you’ll see everything, even Cersei’s prophecy if you sit close enough. With its metal Quantum Dot technology, brightness no longer compromised to boost performance of color, and it’s a welcome change.

So What Exactly Didn't Samsung Announce at CES 2017?

Also at CES 2017 Samsung introduced the “Smart Hub” interface, that makes your current “Smart TV” look inferior. Now, with the company’s new “Smart View” app, you get an overview of the content available right there from your app’s home screen, because who has time to sift through menus? Did I mention you can use your smartphone to select and start programs and on-demand services through their TV’s?

Samsung even managed to offer up two Smart TV services, one being labeled “Sports” which will follow their recent games and stats. The second of the two being “Music”, which is almost Shazam-like as it can identify songs played live as you’re watching television. This is a feature that I know I’m sure to use. Have I not sold you YET? Fine, let’s keep going.

So What Exactly Didn't Samsung Announce at CES 2017?

Speaking of controlling through your smartphone, now with Samsung, not only can you control your television, but other Samsung appliances as well. Have you ever been in the bedroom, knowing you has a load in the dryer that you forgot to start? Well, now you’re in luck. With Samsung’s new home wash and dry systems, not only can you control your load, but you can configure the temperature and all thanks to FlexWash and FlexDry, a Samsung exclusive.

So What Exactly Didn't Samsung Announce at CES 2017?

If you’re wondering what FlexWash and FlexDry are, they are (you guessed it) ANOTHER Samsung innovation that’s four-in-one system takes your laundry to a WHOLE new level. Labeled by Samsung themselves as the most advanced laundry solution in the world, you can monitor the progress of your load without having to get up and check, or listen for a beep. Samsung hasn’t yet released a price on it, but obviously, we’ll keep you up to date on that.

So What Exactly Didn't Samsung Announce at CES 2017?

There’s not much Samsung DIDN’T announce so far this week, to the point I actually got concerned they wouldn’t announce a smart dog crate that lets your dog out when they need to use the restroom and in turn announced a Samsung-branded company that will walk them, but hey who knows, anything is possible in the new year.

Saying that to say this, the company did manage to also release a great fleet of audio products including the wireless Audio  H7 which not only looks great but sounds greater, and their Samsung Sound+, which as a sound bar fan, I’m super stoked about.

So What Exactly Didn't Samsung Announce at CES 2017?

What’s more, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey is a dream. A gaming laptop with a patented Hexaflow Vent which essentially means you won’t have hot legs (unless of course, you’re Dan, because why not) when it’s on your lap. Powered by an intelligent 7th-generation Intel Core i7 & Processor and available in a 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch model, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey has promises lightning fast performance, a beautiful viewing display, and an even better design.

“The Samsung Notebook Odyssey was designed specifically with gamers in mind and is equipped with exclusive features to offer users one of the best gaming notebook available on the market,” said YoungGyoo Choi, Senior Vice President of the PC Business Team, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “Today, serious and even casual gamers seek computing devices that not only pack power for intense graphics-rich games but also feature a stylish and portable design. We’re excited to expand our PC portfolio with a premium gaming solution featuring refinements in design, cutting-edge technology and enhanced gaming usability.”

Featuring a Volcano keyboard (because a cool laptop with a vent can still be hot looking) that has curved keys like, you guessed it, a Volcano. Oh, and the red keys, because Lava’s red. The more you know…

Needless to say, Samsung’s event was a hit, and my wishlist has grown longer than my wallet will allow, and it’s all thanks to Samsung continuously listening to the customer all the while being innovative year after year.

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