Stockholm Based YEVO Labs Introduces the Future of Headphones


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YEVO Labs took to CES 2017 this week in Las Vegas to announce their YEVO 1, a new generation of smart headphones that are not only wireless, but promise to innovate courtesy of some elite features.

Stockholm Based YEVO Labs Introduces the Future of Headphones

Unlike other brands who promise to be “truly wireless”, the YEVO 1, not only connects with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the featherweight headphones use Near-Field Magnetic Induction, which allows for perfect pairing, and even flawless connectivity.

Stockholm Based YEVO Labs Introduces the Future of Headphones

We’ve always gone against the grain, shrugging off critics that condemn its ideas as ‘too difficult to execute’ or to ‘easy to work’. We view technology as a function of quality and we’re movingly passionate about pushing boundaries. With YEVO 1 we believe this will change how people experience headphones” says Andreas Vural, founder and president of YEVO Labs and Happy Plugs. 

Stockholm Based YEVO Labs Introduces the Future of Headphones

Built with two dedicated amps driving high-precision balanced armature speakers, the YEVO 1 earbud is inspired by faceted precious metals and smooth shapes to pull of a premiere listening experience with a sophisticated look. The headphones feature a touch sensor technology that allow you to take phone calls, manage track and volume adjustments, and even access Siri and Google Assistant with just a tap. On top of that, the YEVO 1 feature passive noise cancellation as soon as you insert them in your ear, with the option to turn the feature off if you want to hear your surroundings.

Available in two colors, the YEVO 1 comes complete with a matching Charging Dock that allow you to charge the headphones when not in use. Available for pre-order for $249, you can head over to their site for more information.

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