The Senic Nuimo Wireless Controller Deserves a Spot on Your End Table

The Senic Nuimo is a wireless smart home controller that allows for direct and intuitive control of many the smart devices that already exist in your home.

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Made of glass-bead blasted aluminum and double-hardened acrylic glass, the Nuimo integrates with more than thirty difference devices and apps, such as your Sono’s and Raumfeld speakers, even your Phillips Hue lights. The Bluetooth 4.1 compatible device can last a month on a single charge, and with a range of over twenty meters, you can easily turn your bedroom lights on from your living room and much much more.

Misc Gear Home Tech CES   Misc Gear Home Tech CES

A reddit award winner in 2016, the Nuimo is essentially a controller for even your Google Cast and Apple Music. Senic recommends using with an Amazon Fire TV, or Android TV, but the fact it works with so much means it will sit perfectly in any home by just gesturing with a vertical swipe over the surface.

For more information on the Senic Nuimo head over to their site today.

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  1. Greg,
    as a backer and an owner of Nuimo for the the last year, I’m sad to say that since there absolutely no support for Win – and this is in direct contrast to what was promised by the Senic group – which leads to a lot of users stuck with a useless dead dial at home. This is a real shame.