Snakebyte Announces New Accessories For Nintendo Switch and NES Classic Edition Systems At CES

With Nintendo rushing back onto the gaming scene, Snakebyte has announced products to help spice up the Switch as well as the much coveted NES Classic Edition. The products are scheduled to start shipping in Spring 2017 which should be enough time to finally find a NES Classic! These products promise to enhance the Nintendo experience. 

Two products are announced for the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Foldable Headset supports the portable nature of the system sporting 40mm drivers for crisp, clear gaming sounds. The headset easily folds making travel simple. The Nintendo Switch Starter Kit is everything you can ask for to accessorize the new system. The kit will include a carry bag, stereo earbuds, cleaning cloth, screen protector, control caps, and game cases.

For the NES Classic Edition, Snakebyte has addressed a couple of common complaints with the system. The Nintendo Classic Edition Power Adapter accepts the USB cord from the console and allows users to draw power from any regular power outlet. The NES Classic Edition Gamepad Extension Cable solves the problem of the disappointingly short cables that come with the controllers. The extension cable will add a generous 9.8 feet to your NES controller making sitting on the couch and playing a reality again.


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