Get a Truly Portable Speaker with Fugoo Go

Introduced at Showstoppers here in Vegas is the FUGOO GO a portable Bluetooth speaker that promises to deliver an awesome sound for less than $100.

Get a Truly Portable Speaker with Fugoo Go

Featuring a rich 360-degree sound with stereo imaging is the FUGOO GO. Priced at $99.99, if it’s all about the Benjamins, FUGOO is giving you their money’s worth with this product. CES is typically filled with a bunch of different Bluetooth speakers, but how many of them feature two drivers and two bass radiators, pumping out 12 watts of audio all in a portable form that can be taking from poolside, to living room? Not many. The waterproof speaker has an IP67 rating but is not only resistant to water, but if you’re on the beach, sand won’t even harm your audio experience. With an easy to carry design, it’s able to be carried in one hand, or even thrown in a bag if you’re a commuter. About the size of a water bottle, this is a necessary accessory for a kayaker, biker, the possibilities are endless.

FUGOO states that the GO’s 360-degree design is based off of a directional projection that no matter what side you sit it on, flat or titled, the audio will be the same. In addition, you can pair two or more FUGOO Go’s together so if you’re listening in the kitchen, your bedroom unit will play the same for a more surround-sound feel. FUGOO’s Go is also really durable, able to withstand a five foot drop, even if it takes a dip in the pool, it can be fully submerged up to three feet for thirty solid minutes. There are additional accessories like an elastic mounting cord, a bike mount, and a strap mount that allow portability and accessibility which are all able to be purchased separately.

You can currently purchase the FUGOO Go at Sam’s Club, but if you rather order it online, you can purchase directly from FUGOO.

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