Sam’s Club

Get up to $1200 in Savings on the Samsung Note20 or Note20 Ultra 5G at Sam’s

If either the new Samsung Galaxy Note20 or the Note20 Ultra has caught your eye, you are probably trying to figure out how to get the best deal on these pricy phones. Sam’s Club has a special offer that their members should consider, and it starts August 21st; Sam’s Club members can get a $200 gift card with their purchase and activation, plus up to $1000-off in bill credits with an eligible phone trade-in!

VIZIO’s New 2018 TV Lineup Offers the Best Picture to Date

This week Vizio announced their 2018 fleet of products, giving substantial upgrades to their E, P, M & D Series lines. Starting at $350, the higher end models can go upwards of $2,599.99 depending on the features you desire. However, no matter which model you get, you know that Vizio won’t let you down.

How Can Brick & Mortar Stores Get Better and Stay in Business?

Going through my feeds yesterday, I cam across a piece by Josh Smith on on “3 Ways Retail Can Embrace Mobile to Profit and Thrive” and it got me thinking: Is that all there is?  There has to be more and I thought up of a few more things that can not only make the shopping experience better by embracing mobile and technology but help the business too. Free WiFi Josh said in his article that Free WiFi would be cost prohibitive; yet I’ve seen many stores do this, and I think it’s a brilliant idea.  Regional grocery change…