Pliocene Park is Coming! Scientists Saying They Can Create Woolly Mammoth & Elephant Cross

I am an unabashed fan of the “Jurassic Park” series, even Jurassic World and Bryce Dallas Howard’s ability to run in heels while leading a T-Rex. But just because I like the moves doesn’t mean I want to live them. Scientists apparently feel differently, and some are predicting they can cross an elephant with a woolly mammoth in real life.Pliocene Park is Coming! Scientists Saying They Can Create Woolly Mammoth & Elephant Cross

Now, a real-life Snuffleupagus would be exciting to legions of toddlers, but adults who have seen Jurassic Park know better. This never ends well. First, you have a fun zoo, then the next thing you know your lawyers get eaten, and Farmer’s Insurance is calling to tell you that your policy doesn’t cover raptor attacks. So please, geneticists, be careful with your elephamoth. Mammophant? Snuffleupagus. Let’s go with that.

Anyhow, I think Laura Dern explained this lesson best in Jurassic Park (FYI, if you watch this with closed caption on, it claims TENNIS EAT MAN instead of dinosaurs, so…):

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