BuddyPhones are Impressive Volume Limiting Headphones for Kids

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When you’re traveling and your kids want to watch a movie or TV show, you’d do well to have a good set of children’s headphones with you. BuddyPhones fit the bill because they are volume limiting, durable, and comfortable. They also come with fun stickers so your kids can personalize them to their liking. BuddyPhones retail for $24.99.

BuddyPhones are Impressive Volume Limiting Headphones for Kids

The World Health Organization recommends limiting sound volume for children at 85 decibels in order to keep their ears healthy. BuddyPhones has built-in circuitry to limit the volume at 85 decibels so that you don’t have to worry about the kid turning up the volume by mistake. I tried pumping up the volume and it worked like a charm.

BuddyPhones are Impressive Volume Limiting Headphones for Kids

BuddyPhones are also super durable, as you’ll see in the photo below. This ensures that your kids wont be breaking them anytime soon, even if they sit on them, twist them around, or throw them out of the window. The cord is removable, so that even if your kid pulls hard, it will just come unplugged and it wont get ripped out.

BuddyPhones are Impressive Volume Limiting Headphones for Kids

Speaking of the cord, it features BuddyPhones’ BuddyCable system that allows up to four kids to share one device. The male end of the cable has an additional female end that allows another friend to plug their headphones into your headphone jack. This way, you can connect up to four BuddyPhones for argument-free sharing of the device.

BuddyPhones are Impressive Volume Limiting Headphones for Kids

The included sticker packs.

The headphones are adjustable on both sides, so you can be sure the headphones will fit your child. Each earcup is covered with a soft, leather-style earpad, which BuddyPhones claims is anti-allergenic.

BuddyPhones are Impressive Volume Limiting Headphones for Kids

The BuddyCable system.

Overall, I’m impressed with the features that the BuddyPhones offer. Also important, is that my 2.5 year old daughter thought they were very comfortable and said that she can’t wait to use them next time we travel. BuddyPhones are available in pink, blue, green, and yellow.

You can purchase BuddyPhones directly from the manufacturer at their website.


Source:  The BuddyPhones were a manufacturer provided review sample.

What I Like:  Volume limiting is safe for kids’ ears; Kid-friendly design and durability; Ability to share the same device with multiple headphones; Personalize your headphones with stickers.

What Needs Improvement:  Nothing at this time.

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