Give Your Puppy Some Extra Lead with the TaoTronic Retractable Dog Leash

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Having a puppy presents a new set of challenges for every dog owner, but one that is ever present is: You have to walk them. And rather than getting tangled when your dog decides to split the pole or walk where you can’t go, you should pick up the TaoTronic Retractable Dog Leash.

Give Your Puppy Some Extra Lead with the TaoTronic Retractable Dog Leash

Prior to receiving the Retractable Dog Leash by Taotronics, I suffered through having a dog leash wrapped around poles, my legs, trees, you name it. And with a playful pup, you never want to lose your lead when they see another puppy (or person they’ve sniffed at before barking), and this leash has been a huge help.

Give Your Puppy Some Extra Lead with the TaoTronic Retractable Dog Leash

When fully extended, the TaoTronic Retractable Dog Leash goes up to 16 feet which is way longer than I need for my 14-pound puppy, but he really seems to enjoy the extra length provided. TaoTronics says this particular leash is great for dogs up to 11 pounds, which is more than enough for me. The leash itself is made up of Nylon tape, so even if you manage to get doggy-wrapped by your pup, the cable is soft to the touch, unlike those wired cables that can cause friction and scar you up if you retract them too fast.

Give Your Puppy Some Extra Lead with the TaoTronic Retractable Dog Leash

Also with this leash you get one hand braking, so if your dog decides they want to go out a bit further than expended, all you have to do is press with a glide of a finger and it will stop your puppy right in his or her tracks, and after releasing, the dog leash’s automatic recoil system can allow your dog to come back to you without yanking too hard at their collar which I found to be really helpful.

Give Your Puppy Some Extra Lead with the TaoTronic Retractable Dog Leash

Although the TaoTronic Retractable Dog Leash does have an ergonomic grip, I found my hands to be a bit too big for actually holding. This could be because the company doesn’t want you to get too comfortable holding the leash carelessly and have your dog pulling you instead of casually walking, but I’ve found that only my four fingers up to the knuckle can fit through comfortably and I’d rather have the ability to have my whole hand grasp on the leash.

Despite that, the leash is absolutely phenomenal and thanks to the nice recoil system, my dog pulls less at the leash when walking, and when passersby come walking, I don’t have to be afraid of him lunging thanks to the fact I can reel him in at a moment’s notice. TaoTronics is even so nice, with each other of the Retractable Dog leash, you get a dog waste dispenser with a set of bags (that didn’t tear when I had to go pick up pup poop which I have to commend). At only $19.99, the Retractable Dog Leash is not only user-friendly, but your dog will love the extended breathing room they get when walking that a regular leash wouldn’t allow.

For more information on the TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash with Waste Dispenser and Waste Bags, head over to Amazon [affiliate link] today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: The nylon tape on the leash is soft to the touch and won’t harm you or your pup

What Needs Improvement: Ergonomic or not, the hand grip is pretty small

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