The DJI Spark Drone Is the Smallest, Cheapest Drone for New Pilots

Drones are sweeping the world. Today, they’re being used in so many different industries and for so many different purposes that they are becoming a staple tool.

The DJI Spark Drone Is the Smallest, Cheapest Drone for New Pilots

They’re being used in construction for development, surveying and more. They’re being used in retail and online sales for warehouse maintenance and shipping.

They’re even being used in real estate to take high-quality images and videos of properties.

More applications mean more demand, and more demand means more innovation. Drones are evolving to include more improved features, hardware and designs. Sadly, they tend to have a high barrier to entry, especially when it comes to price. Most commercial and professional drones are expensive.

For someone looking to get into the field — especially someone who doesn’t have commercial interests — it might be a little difficult, but that’s all about to change. The DJI Spark drone is one of the smallest, cheapest and most versatile options for any new pilot.

Introducing the DJI Spark Drone

Sure, you can always buy a relatively cheap toy, but then you’re not actually using the type of drone you want, are you? Queue the DJI Spark.

At $500, it’s not super cheap, but that’s okay. It’s still one of the least expensive options if you haven’t already bought into the drone craze, and affordable is always welcome.

What it does do well for that price is offer an incredibly high-quality pro-grade drone, which also happens to be easy to use for newcomers. It’s small, too, measuring a little smaller than the size of the average smartphone.

The smaller size is one of its best features. That means it’s easier to lug around and bring to events, easier to fly and get into smaller spaces and less conspicuous when in use. Plus, you can control it in three different ways — one of which is wholly unique to the Spark.

You can control it using proprietary remote joysticks, or you can use your smartphone like any other drone on the market. If you use your phone, you can also see what your drone sees in first-person.

But the third control option is through gestures. You can wave to send it up in the air, guide it by moving your hand in select directions and more.

For example, if you wave bye to the drone, it will fly at a distance of up to ten feet up and away, but it will still be facing you. You can then hold out your fingers in a rectangle like you’re framing a shot and the drone will snap a photo of you — after a brief countdown, of course. Just make a Y with your arms, like you’re starting the YMCA dance, and the drone will return to your side.

How awesome is that?

How Does It Compare to Other Drones on the Market?

Since we’re primarily talking about a consumer-level drone, that’s what we’re going to compare it to. For starters, drone companies continue to create smaller, better functioning aircraft, and that’s primarily due to the advancement in technologies used. It means the Spark is hardly the last drone we’ll see of its size, and we may even see something smaller. That said, right now, it is currently one of the smallest and most versatile options on the market.

Couple that with the gesture support, and you have an amazing device. Just imagine the scenarios. If you’re in the middle of an event you don’t have to walk around holding your smartphone. Instead, you can send the drone up and away and communicate via gestures.

Its small and lightweight size means you can bring it with you on more adventures and trips. With the optional controllers, it can reach a speed of up to 50 KM/H in what DJI calls “sport” mode. That means you could use this thing even for drone racing or cool stunts.

A high-performance camera capable of taking 12 MP shots and HD video means this thing can be used for photography, video editing, filming and more. It even has a built-in mechanical gimbal and stabilization system to keep the camera from vibrating. That’s something even expensive drones only include as an optional accessory, let alone built-in.

The DJI Spark drone is truly a marvel for first-time flyers. Considering the reach of this new tool, it’s nice to see an affordable option so we all have a chance to fly.

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