The M3 Soundbar by Q Acoustics: A Quality Sound with a Modest Price

One of the best accessories that you can purchase for your living room is obviously a television. But if you want to mix it up and have even better audio for your entertainment system, look no further than Q Acoustic’s M3 soundbar with built-in subwoofer. The company sent us over a model to review, so let’s dive right into it.

The M3 Soundbar by Q Acoustics: A Quality Sound with a Modest Price

Released back in 2016, the M3 Soundbar by Q Acoustics is one of those awesome soundbars that not only look great mounted on your wall, but on a TV stand as well. Currently at a modest price of $314.99, the M3 normally retails at $349.99 and while only available in black, it can honestly match any décor with its super slim profile. When unboxing the M3 Soundbar, you get the QM3 Bluetooth soundbar, a remote control with an included CR2025 lithium battery, an HDMI lead for connecting to the output on your television, an AC adapter (or UK Mains cable depending on region), and all of the literature you’d expect such as safety guides and a quick start manual. The Q Acoustics M3 also features a hard hitting list of specs that show off elements like the obvious Bluetooth compatibility and a Dynamic Bass feature, but here is the full list:


  • Frequency Response ±0.5dB : 20Hz – 20kHz

  • S/N ratio (A-wtd): -85dB

  • Mains Power: 100~240V – 50~60Hz – 80W

  • Mid-High: BMR 58mm x 58mm

  • Bass: DVC 100mm x 150mm

  • Crossover: 340Hz

  • System FQ Response +3/-6 dB : tbc

  • Deep Standby: <0.5W

  • Standby (Network Connected): <2.0W

  • Idle: 11.0W

  • Optical DAC: 1 x 24-bit 48kHz Toslink

  • Bluetooth: V4.0 Class II

  • CODEC: aptX, AAC, MP3, SBC

  • RCA Phono Maximum Sensitivity: 2.10Vrms

  • 3.5mm Maximum Sensitivity: 1.10Vrms

  • Height: 70mm

  • Width: 1000mm

  • Depth: 125mm

  • Un-boxed Weight: 4.0kg

  • IPA: IPA

  • MoviEQ: MoviEQ

  • NFC: NFC


  • CEC: CEC

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth

  • aptX: aptX


  • DAC: 24/48

  • BMR: BMR

  • DVC: DVC

  • Dynamic Bass: Dynamic Bass

  • Due to energy regulations the soundbar will automatically enter standby mode after 20 minutes of non-use.

The M3 Soundbar by Q Acoustics: A Quality Sound with a Modest Price

After mounting my television late last year, the only thing I wanted in my living room that I didn’t have was a proper soundbar. I did a lot of research on home entertainment systems, but plenty of them felt too cumbersome with their messy wires, that’s not the case with the M3 at all.  Designed over in the UK, Q Acoustics decided to make a soundbar that was not only stylish and slim, but delivered a superb sound that no matter what room you placed it in,  you got a premium theatre-like experience. Connecting to your TV with the HDMI ARC, which is just a one cable solution that hooks up straight into your television, or through Bluetooth aptX for wireless connection, even if you sit it on a TV stand and stream your audio directly through Bluetooth, the sound is immaculate. While I tried both, I will honestly say that the HDMI ARC does give you a higher quality of sound, obviously due to the state of the connectivity to the audio signal transmission. Watching movies at a mid-range level with the M3 is leaps and bounds from what you’d get from just your standard experience from the TV itself. For example, when watching Guardians of the Galaxy part one, there were parts of the movie that you might have only captured when connected to headphones, however, when you’re listening from 8-10 feet away, you might not catch them: completely not the case with the M3.

The M3 Soundbar by Q Acoustics: A Quality Sound with a Modest Price

That goes without saying, those of you who expect to hear a large amount of bass might be slightly disappointed as the M3 isn’t very bass heavy at all. Sure, it has an integrated subwoofer, but at the price point of the M3, in terms of bass, you might end up buying a higher end model like the M4, which leaves a bigger imprint on your TV stand, but will certainly accommodate bass lovers.


With the M3’s slimmer profile, you notice that the front grill is angled and looks very sleek in it’s all black casing, which is a delight to look at. Granted the back of the M3 is completely plastic, nobody will ever see it. It does have an integrated stand that allows for sound to travel evenly so if it is indeed sitting on a TV stand, it doesn’t sound muffled at all. The M3 is more long than it is wide, so take in mind if you have a smaller setup as well.

The M3 Soundbar by Q Acoustics: A Quality Sound with a Modest Price

At the top of the M3 you get a three button setup which are just the volume and power, not much to see here at all. I would’ve liked for them to possibly include the Bluetooth button on the top as well, especially for those who plan on mounting it.

The M3 Soundbar by Q Acoustics: A Quality Sound with a Modest Price

This could present a problem if you cannot find your remote, and are forced to wrap your arms around your mounted wall setup just to press a button, since it sits on the back of the M3. Luckily though, it sits to the back of the three buttons at the top so you won’t go searching for long. That being said, it’s still pretty pointless to have at the back of the soundbar. When on, the power button does have a different LED color for each input setting and will turn a color whenever you change the volume letting you know that it’s doing so. This is a bonus that many might not consider, but I’m very happy Q Acoustics chose to add this.

The M3 Soundbar by Q Acoustics: A Quality Sound with a Modest Price

It’s been roughly a month since I’ve setup my M3 soundbar by Q Acoustics, and I’m still in love with it. The M3’s 80-watt amp and companion bass drivers manage to somehow make everything from the NBA Playoffs (even when your team is losing), to movies with way too many elements of gunfire like John Wick sound as if you paid $14 for the price of a ticket admission. Since the sound is evenly distributed I’m able to just have my volume set at one specific volume and you don’t have to turn it down when scenes go from just dialogue to action sequences which is something welcome from the standard “everything sounds loud” feel I get from my Vizio television. If there was anything I would change about the M3 is its lack of Wi-Fi. Granted, for a soundbar that’s under $500 I can see why it’s not included, but I would’ve really liked for it to have the option. This means Spotify Connect and Apple Airplay are totally out of the question for this speaker which is a bit of a downer. However, the price is right for the M3 by Q Acoustics, and if you get over the fact that the Bluetooth button is on the back, or can remember to simply use the included remote (which is just your standard remote.. nothing special at all), it’s worth the asking price and will gladly be a welcome companion in your living room.


All in all, I love my M3 Soundbar by Q Acoustics, and although I would much rather have it mounted with the rest of the electronics in my living room, no matter what your decor might be, the M3 looks phenomenal regardless if it’s mounted or not.


For more information on the M3 Soundbar with Built-In Subwoofer by Q Acoustics, head over to their site by clicking this link.


Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Slim profile makes it great with any decor

What Needs Improvement: Bluetooth button on the rear presents problems, more specifically when mounted.

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