Oppermann Rebrands as Carl Friedrik, Announces Their Collection 3 Bags

As a huge fan of backpacks, it’s no surprise I’ve had my eyes on Oppermann London’s collection of products. This year the company revealed its name change by rebranding as Carl Friedrik, and what better way to make a statement than releasing awesome accessories. This month the company released their Collection 3, inspired by the company’s new identity.

Oppermann Rebrands as Carl Friedrik, Announces Their Collection 3 Bags

The Briefcase

Co-founders Mattis and Nilas Oppermann felt just like many of us do, that most men’s backpacks are either too casual or too extravagant, and wanted something a bit more functional that customers would be able to bridge the gap on being fashion forward, will still remaining practical. The outcome is the Collection 3, which combines leather goods, with a sleek dimension inspired by awesome performance accessories.

Mattis Oppermann states: “The heavy canvas fabric is often used for protective wear and industrial applications, but together with our smooth Vachetta leather and somewhat brutalist titanium zippers, it forms a natural understated elegance.”

The Collection 3 features two backpacks (the C3-1 and C3-2), a briefcase (C3-3), and a holdall bag (C3-4), all made for the urban commuter, as well as frequent traveler. I think the only thing that’s missing has to be a gym bag.

With premium features like two external pockets, the C3-4 Holdall is an elite option for a weekender, the C3-3 Briefcase features all of the functionality you’ll need for that business meeting including two penholders and a laptop compartment, while the backpacks are both lightweight, featuring fabric pockets that will easily hold your everyday carry.

Oppermann Rebrands as Carl Friedrik, Announces Their Collection 3 Bags

This is the holdall, which I cannot wait to use on a long trip.

Carl Friedrik made sure to add a custom power bank that integrates into each of the four bags which is great for a business trip layover, or even when you’re commuting locally with a low battery. On top of that you’ll get features like trolley straps, several external pockets, and various other things to make sure the things you toss in the bag are protected.

Oppermann Rebrands as Carl Friedrik, Announces Their Collection 3 Bags

Again, the holdall by Carl Friedrik

“The collection’s designs, considered features and add-ons, all work together to create elegant products that will make life on the move effortless. We see ourselves as creating tools for success, and with Collection 3 I think we’ve been able to deliver on just that.” Says Nilas Oppermann.

I’m really looking forward to checking out the Carl Friedrik Collection 3 bags, especially the holdall, nd hopefully I’ll have a review up of it soon.

But if you’d like to get more information on any of the Carl Friedrik Collection 3, you can head over to their site today. 

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