Koogeek’s P1 Smart Plug Connects All of Your Home Tech Through Apple’s HomeKit

A few months ago I spoke on how my home is almost exclusively connected to Apple’s HomeKit, and with the recent addition of Koogeek’s P1 Smart Plug, my Smart Home has gotten that much more advanced.

Koogeek's P1 Smart Plug Connects All of Your Home Tech Through Apple's HomeKit

Koogeek’s P1 Smart Plug is a bit more unique than what I was expecting after unboxing because while most companies’ various smart plugs try to set themselves apart by being super slim and square, Koogeek’s plug is rather rounded and protrudes out from the wall which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re not really familiar with smart plugs, more specifically smart plugs compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, the Koogeek is probably the best start for you. It’s a Wi-Fi enabled smart home accessory that allows you to connect your devices that typically have no dependency on a network connection the ability to be controlled from in or out of your home. So if you’re currently at the airport and somehow forget that you turned off the iron (which I have done), you can see if the Koogeek is enabled and easily turn the device off from wherever you are. Simple, right?

With unboxing the Koogeek, you get just the smart plug itself, some paper manuals, and a unique HomeKit code that you’d normally get with any Apple HomeKit compatible accessory. There’s a companion app that allows you to set up the Koogeek which is available for free on the App Store, but since majority of my items have been set up using Apple’s “Home” app that’s default on the iPhone, I tend to do the setup process through here so I can see everything by which room I use them. In this case, the Koogeek will actually be connected to my Fully Standing Desk. The reason I chose the Koogeek for the standing desk is because other than the living room television, it’s the one central location in my home with more than three things connected to it. It houses my desktop computer, my MacBook, a host of other wires, and of course the power that lifts my standing desk. Rather than the old method of unplugging the desk from the wall source, it’s nice to have the ability to disconnect the power by the simple press of the home app and toggling it off from my couch.

Koogeek's P1 Smart Plug Connects All of Your Home Tech Through Apple's HomeKit

When I am not being lazy, I can actually use the physical on-plug button that sits atop of the Koogeek which is pretty self-explanatory. When the power is on, there is a green LED light that illuminates from the second lower case ‘e’ in the Koogeek labeling on the front of the plug. When the device is off, there is no LED light, and if there is a problem with connectivity to the plug and HomeKit, there’s a flashing red color that you’ll experience.

Using the Koogeek Home app I experience that it does work similar to Apple’s very own Home app, however, I enjoy my home screen looking as stock as possible which is why Koogeek’s app has been placed in my “Smart Home” folder.  Despite that, you can update firmware from this app, as well as control everything centrally from here. Did I mention that the Koogeek works with Siri? For example, I can now say “Siri, turn off my desk”, and it instantly knows exactly what accessory it needs to handle due to how I set up the names of my devices. Like many other smart home products you can set up rules, and timers, so if you like your lights to come on in your living room every day at 8 pm so they are on when you pull in the driveway. There are endless ways of scheduling scenarios both individually as well as in unison with other products as well. The one knock I did find is that the P1 Koogeek does not work with my Amazon Echo. So if I wanted to tell Alexa to turn off my standing desk, I couldn’t. Koogeek does have a version of the smart plug that does work with Alexa, however the one that I received, unfortunately, did not have the compatibility, but the P2 Koogeek plug works with both HomeKit and Amazon’s Alexa. I look forward to hopefully reviewing that model soon, but if you’re just looking in the Apple realm and want a great plug to connect all of your home electronics, look no further than the Koogeek P1 Smart Plug, which you can buy directly from their site today by clicking here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Easy setup process; Doesn’t require additional hubs

What Needs Improvement: Lacking Echo compatibility; Size is a bit blocky

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