The Moshi Apple Watch Travel Stand Is Great on the Go

We are huge fans of Moshi’s products here at Gear Diary, so it should be no surprise that we think highly of the Moshi Apple Watch Travel Stand in terms of form and functionality for any Apple Watch user.

The Moshi Apple Watch Travel Stand Is Great on the Go

The problem with most Apple Watch docks on the market is that they don’t really allow you to just toss them in a bag and take them with you. There are many keychain variations, as well as “portable battery packs” that have that functionality, but none measure up to the light carry that Moshi gives to the Apple Watch Travel stand.

The Moshi Apple Watch Travel Stand Is Great on the Go

On one of my most recent trips, I took the Moshi Apple Watch stand and no matter how I used it, it felt as if it was sitting on my nightstand at home. Available to sit in two different views, if you choose to lay the dock flat you can, but I prefer to have it standing so that I can view the clock as it charges in Nightstand mode.

Despite needing to bring your own Apple Watch cable, if you can look past that, it’s actually a very nice stand to be able to toss in your bag for a trip. With its rubberized bottom, you won’t worry about the dock sliding around which is a nice feature to have as well. If I could change anything about the travel stand would be to possibly bring the ability to have it wireless charge by adding some element of an external battery pack. There are others on the market that do have this functionality, but the issue with many of those is that the Apple Watch sits flat at all times, and not being able to use the Nightstand mode isn’t necessarily a good thing for a travel Apple Watch charger.

The Moshi Apple Watch Travel Stand Is Great on the Go

The Moshi Apple Watch Travel stand is currently available for $34.95, and works with both series 1 & 2 Apple watch, in both the 38mm and 42mm sizes.

Head over to Moshi to pick one up for yourself.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: The hinge is sturdy and being able to use the stand in nightstand mode is great for traveling

What Needs Improvement: Should have an external battery pack option for charging on the go

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