Watching Game of Thrones Complete with Fire Breathing Dragons, Bourbon, and Ice-Like Sculptures by Glassblower Ben

If you’re looking for a great set of bar glasses that not only stand out from others, or simply want to impress your friends who enjoy fancy spirits with a special gift, you should check out the handmade slated bar glass by Glassblower Ben.

Currently available in a set of three ($120), the Handmade Slanted Bar Glass has become the envy of my friends when they come over.

Based out of New Orleans, Glassblower Ben handcrafts each piece of glass himself, and each will hold approximately six ounces of your favorite beverage. Ben Dombey is a renowned glass blower who since 2003 has taken what was once just a release and turned it into a profit for himself, and a delight for the bourbon lover in me. Ben majored in glass blowing at Tulane University, and ever since receiving his Masters of Fine Arts back in 2012, he’s been traveling the world showing off his unique brand of glass sculptures.

Per Ben’s Facebook:

The goal to create the perfect rocks glass began after a trip to Scotland in 2011 and, after years of experimentation, he started Glassblowerben, LLC, to produce these glasses.

The original is the medium size glass, perfect for a nice whiskey on the rocks. Different sizes evolved for those who take their scotch neat or enjoy a fresh mixed margarita with just enough salt on the rim. Every single glass that we make is inflated by lung power and is 100% hand-made in the United States.

The glasses have a fabulous weight to them and truly feel great in your hand and sensuous on the lips. They have a unique texture on the lower half. This adds to the handmade quality, makes them very distinct, and really shows off your favorite beverage. No matter what stamp is on the underside of the glass, side by side they always look like a great set.

As with anything handmade, glasses will vary slightly from one another, adding to their unique charm.

Ben’s very precise with his hand made glasses, and I even found myself watching the latest episode of Game Of Thrones in true Targaryen fashion with my wildfire cocktail (really Maker’s mark) using the slanted glass. No Game of Thrones’ Sunday is truly complete without a hearty beverage, but don’t set yourself for failure drinking out of a traditional glass.

Pick up a set of Glassblower Ben specially sculpted glasses today by ordering here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Individually handcrafted with care by Ben

What Needs Improvement: Price is steep at $120 for a pair

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