Anker Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Is a Great Option for Your Dashboard

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If you have a vehicle and are looking for a great car mount for it, look no further than the Anker Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount.

Anker Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Is a Great Option for Your Dashboard

Currently on sale on Amazon for $9.99 on Amazon, the Anker Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount is one of the better car mounts that I’ve ever used in my car. I’ve always had a personal hatred for the dashboard cell phone mounts because the suction never stayed connected to my windshield during a warm summer day, so I decided to go to Amazon and look for an air vent one. There were plenty to choose from, yet I was left with two options: a magnet option, or one where the phone is held at the sides. Here is why I went with the magnet option.

Anker Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Is a Great Option for Your Dashboard

While I really do not condone texting and driving, as well as being that person who holds the phone up to their ear while driving, if you do have to pull over to type in an address, or simply decline a call, cell phone mounts that have clasps at the sides are the worst form factor. More importantly, Jess has a smaller iPhone 6s Plus, while I opted for the larger iPhone 7 Plus, and most car mounts with clamps do not have a one-size-fits-all option. This isn’t the case with the Anker Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount.

Anker Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Is a Great Option for Your Dashboard

With the Anker Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount, the premise is relatively simple. When you order it you receive four neodymium magnets that are built to it on the back of your smartphone, or on the inside of your smartphone’s case that when near the actual magnetic car mount, it will sit flush and stay secure to the mount. As someone who is consistently switching cases of different sizes, I tried three different cases to see if the magnet not only would be able to stay secure to the car mount but also if the additional weight would make the car mount sit awkwardly in the air vent in your car. Using my LifeProof Nuud case, Jess’ iPhone 6s Plus LifeProof Case, and then just using a completely naked iPhone 7 Plus, I wanted to see which held stronger. Obviously, the end result is just the bare phone, however, both LifeProof’s held up remarkably well. As an additional test, I wanted to try out Speck’s Presidio Grip case which while it did hold up, I was actually stunned to see the phone did shift a bit, but it could be because of the grooves of the case, and not due to the Anker magnet or mount.

Anker Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Is a Great Option for Your Dashboard

Overall though, the Anker Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount is very sturdy, fits virtually any vent, and while I would probably advise using a thinner case for the magnet itself, it did hold up to the LifeProof which is one of the larger ones on the market. If you’re kind of afraid of the putting an adhesive to the back of your precious smartphone and damaging it, I would say to you, put the magnet on the inside of the case adhesive sitting flush to the case, not the phone. There are other metal plates that work for the Anker you can purchase from Amazon as well that come in both round or rectangular forms that are cheap but do come with a clear adhesive that peels off and will work on your phone a bit better than Anker’s in terms of peeling.

Nevertheless, I am a huge fan of the magnetic car mount by Anker, and if you’re in the market for a new car mount, look no further, just click here for more information.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: The magnet itself isn’t overly thick; The air vent holder teeth are pretty sturdy

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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