WD My Cloud – A Perfect Home NAS

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WD My Cloud - A Perfect Home NAS Listen to this article

Through the apps, you can manage files and access them both through your PC at home or on the road.  You will also be able to access files through the mobile app as well as add files & photos from your mobile device.

For this review, I used my MacBook Pro as my primary computer so you will see the screenshots in the gallery that represent the MacOS version of the app.  Functionally, it is the same as the Windows app.  With the app installed, you will see your My Cloud drive as an external but searchable drive in Finder.  Essentially it works as if the drive was physically connected to your Mac or PC which makes it easy to use without having to put much thought into it.

For Mac users, My Cloud is Time Machine compatible too while for Windows Users, it is Backup Drive compatible.  That means that configuring the WD My Cloud to be your backup repository is as simple as using the native apps built into the Operating System.

For Android and iOS users, you have the ability to back up your photos automatically to your My Cloud device.  This is done through the settings of the mobile app and is a great way to assure that your photos are safe in case you lose your phone.  I use Google Photos (I’m a Google Top Contributor for Photos), but it never hurts to have your photos & videos in more than one backup location.

Continuing with the mobile apps, you can easily view files or photos and you can add files and photos too.  Further, you can search your My Cloud for a specific file and then download it to your device.  This saves you storage space on your device until you really need that file on it.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the integration on my Mac and the Android app for my Pixel.  Both work seamlessly and effortlessly which makes you want to actually use them.

Multiple Users Support

A key benefit of the WD My Cloud is the ability to support multiple users.  This makes it an ideal NAS solution for home users or small businesses.  Each user will have their own storage space that is secure and hidden from the other users.   Invites to your My Cloud can only be sent from the device owner, the original account signed up with the service.  That person can go to either the mobile app or to the portal online and send invites to other users.  They will be sent a unique link to sign up for the service and link to your My Cloud device.

As the owner, you can remove them at any time through the portal.  If the owner deletes a user, all of their data is deleted too.

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