Nomad Wireless Hub Review: Organized Power with Wireless Charging

All that’s required is to plug the DC-in charging cable into the bottom of the hub along with any other cables you’d like to use for charging other devices.

The two 1A ports are fine for charging most mobile phones and other electronic devices that use USB chargers like your GoPro, headphones, vape chargers, portable battery packs, watch chargers, etc. You’ll want to use the 2.1A USB Type-A port for tablets and newer smartphones; the 3A Type-C port is perfect if you’ve bought a Type-C to Lightning cable (I still need one), as it will give your new iPhone the fastest charge. Nomad says you can expect a 50% charge on your iPhone 8 or X in 30 minutes with the Type-C port; Android devices will also charge extremely fast with this port.

The Nomad Wireless Hub gives you a way to organize your mobile devices and their cables while charging them. I wished several times when I was using the Nomad USB Hub that the top I regularly laid my phones on while they were charging via cable could wirelessly charge instead, and the Nomad Wireless Hub has made that wish a reality. The addition of the Type-C fast charger makes it even more awesome.

If you have multiple devices and you need a place to centrally charge them, the Nomad USB Hub is a great choice, but if you need wireless and fast charging, you’ll definitely want to pick up a Nomad Wireless Hub.

The Nomad Wireless Hub retails for $79.95, and it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Update 05/30/18: Based on popular request, Nomad has added an EU/UK compliant version. If you need that, click here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Can charge up to five devices at once; Makes for a neatly organized charging station; Wireless Charger on top; USB Type-C fast charger built-in; Two 1A USB Type-A charger ports and one 2.1A USB Type-A charger; Weighted base so it doesn’t skid; Rubber on top protects your device

What Needs Improvement: Nothing — it works as advertised

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