Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone You Care About

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift for that special someone for Valentine’s Day, we’ve compiled another list of some great options that are great for the occasion.

Jaybird Run

Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone You Care About

If you’re looking for a great gift for that person in your life who is into running (and not away from you of course), you should pick up the Jaybird Run for them. The truly Bluetooth wireless headphones themselves look phenomenal, fit in the ear super snug, and with over a four-hour play time, can get your special someone through a workout or flight without having to readjust them constantly. They come complete with an eight-hour charging case, and are fast charge compatible, only needing five minutes of juice for an hour of play time. Available in a Jet or “Drift” colorway, you can pick up the Jaybird Run for $179.99.

Logitech’s Circle 2 Home Security Camera

Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone You Care About

Sometimes caring about your loved ones means you have to look out for them when you can’t physically be there, and what better way to do that than to monitor them when you’re away from home? The Logi circle 2 Home Camera comes in both a wire-free and wired version, fully compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, and honestly one of the best home cameras on the market today. Complete with free 24-hour monitoring and playback, you can purchase additional cloud storage and watch up to 30 days through the Logi Circle app and get things like Day briefs, and geolocation filters, even person recognition. Did I mention this works with the Amazon’s Alexa AND Google Assistant? Available for $179 for the wired model and $199 for the wireless, you can buy them in bundles as well for up to $399. For more information head over to Logitech today.

Cube Tracker

Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone You Care About

If you’re looking for something for your special person that isn’t just an overpriced dinner that you’ll probably end up taking home and eating the next day, you should get them the Cube Tracker, an innovative way of keeping track of their things. Everyone knows keys can be hard to find, but sometimes even your phone or purse can as well. The Cube Tracker is a great gift for that person who misplaces everything but your heart on the 14th. Not only is it an excess or tracker, you can actually use it as a shutter button for your phone. For more information on the Cube Tracker, head to their site today.

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