The Pitaka MagCase for iPhone 7/8: The Minimalist Case with Maximum Quality

What’s cooler: a phone case made from silicone and plastic or one made from military grade bulletproof materials? The Pitaka MagCase is a sleek, beautiful, lightweight case that touts maximum performance. Starting at $47.99, the Pitaka MagCase is available for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X as well as some Android phones.

The Pitaka MagCase is made of 100% Aramid, “a high-tech luxury material for body armor, aerospace, and super cars.” It weighs less than 14g, which according to my kitchen scale is equivalent to 27 chocolate chips. It’s extremely thin, 0.65mm, scratch resistant, and very durable. It also claims to not interfere with WiFi, GPS, Apple Pay, or wireless charging.

Everything included in the retail packaging.

Embedded into the back of the Pitaka MagCase is a metal plate that mounts with the Pitaka MagMount (sold separately), and looks like a great feature. The mount clips into the car vent and the Pitaka case solidly attaches to the mount using the embedded magnetic plate.

Look at how thin that is!

This case was the first minimalist case that I’ve used in years. I have two small children and my hands are always full. I drop my phone multiple times a day so switching from the safety of a clunky Otterbox caused me some anxiety. However, other Gear Diary writers assured me that the Pitaka MagCase was a solid case that would not disappoint.

My initial reaction was, “Wow, this thing is small!” It added almost no weight or bulk to my iPhone 7. The case itself was smooth, yet had enough grip for me to feel safe holding it. It slid in and out of my back pocket smoothly and effortlessly. I haven’t been able to touch my buttons directly in years (most heavy-duty cases have silicone coverings over the buttons) and the cutouts on the Pitaka were completely unobtrusive. The case felt good. The case also came with a glass screen protector, which does give me more confidence in using this case every day.

I’ve been enjoying my experience with Pitaka. I am still trying to adjust to the minimalist feel of the phone and I hope that it can protect my non-insured iPhone if it takes a major fall. I do wish that the case came in brighter colors because I often misplace my phone and a brighter case helps me find the phone much faster. A brighter case is also easier to spot in my large, overstuffed handbag. Overall, I find this case to be very impressive and a great option for people who want a minimalist case with maximum quality.

You can purchase the Pitaka MagCase directly from Pitaka on their website or on

Source: The Pitaka MagCase for iPhone 7 was a manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like: Thin, lightweight design; Tough, bulletproof protection; Comes with glass screen protector

What Needs Improvement: MagCase does not appear to have great drop protection

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