Siri Is Out to Get Me, and I Have Proof!

Siri Is Out to Get Me, and I Have Proof!

I’ve made a terrible mistake. See, I complain A LOT about Siri, because, well, she’s not the brightest AI assistant around. But she apparently has been listening in, and she’s been trying very hard to make my life miserable lately. Here are a few examples:

1) She once set a reminder for me, but only recorded the “remind me” part. It took me two days to remember what I needed to be reminded about, and I’m still not sure if I was right.

2) She informed me that my mechanic only has 2 stars, and was I really sure I wanted to go there?

3) She once called my mother a b*tch. No, seriously. My mom was complaining about Siri and called Siri a b*tch, and Siri piped up with “ok, I’ll call you b*tch from now on.”

4) Today I asked for directions to Barnes and Noble, and for some reason she would only give me directions to a B&N in Charleston, South Carolina. 800 miles away. There was a B&N less than 3 miles from me, I was just blanking on where the exit was … but apparently Siri was up for one hell of a road trip.

5) Every once in a while she gives me the silent treatment. She either won’t respond at all to “Hey, Siri”, or she responds but then pretends she can’t hear, like she’s a sullen teenager.

Basically, forget Google Assistant, Cortana, or Amazon Alexa … the truly dangerous AI is Siri. Unless you’re up for a road trip with an assistant who calls you names.

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